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That people who are addicted to gambling have the same part of their brains lit up under m r is as people who are drunk or use it methamphetamines or marijuana there's no chemical involved in gambling at people's brains respond the same way there's something really really subtle going on there that's worth understanding and in the case of alcohol you know pilots are allowed to fly eight hours after they have their last glass of wine at the if you're a pilot where do you go tgi fridays something and so there's no trace of alcohol the next day it's so readily metabolize it goes away your liver cooks it and it's burned his calories but marijuana the thc the cbd they stick around with you for two weeks is that good or bad is that a thing we need to worry about this interesting question so we had the guy on the show from washington state who said we legalize marijuana in washington state five years ago and the sky did not fall that's his argument the other interesting thing was use among young people has not increased even after it was legalized in washington state to me this interesting so anyway the argument of the marijuana shows we need to study it it's not understood what are some other like really basic topics you're surprised we don't understand as well as we do well just that there people running around don't want to get vaccinated this really just weird to me and the other thing that really wanted to point out the importance of what everybody knows is called cyber security.

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