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His is still not part of the tv app at amazon apple in it launches an all this up as later this year which could mean a lot of things i mean i kind of tend to think that'll be fall but who knows maybe the rise us but know netflixing not being part of it i think really hurts tvs ultimate goal as being a discovery engine but might bigger concern i guess rebel tv and i love you guys his thoughts will pursue things one i think they literally maybe spent ninety seconds two minutes on it tops right so a you know the the the re literally blew through it and and not the semi is considering just because i like the product um i i do think the price is wrong i think they need to lower the price now that there is really good competition from roku sony will not sony a wrote roku amazon and add some other places but i am you know last year they made a really big deal about single sign on friday issued an and uh and then it in its soft launch was supposed to launch kind of you know a round w deputy see and they didn't really give us the dayton and they they couldn't get it together and it was supposed to be the idea would be that my biggest frustration with the apple tv is that when you log in am if you have a cable subscription you've got a in with your authentication things for every single lap so too will i need our shame in what makes a worse is that even with voice dictation you can't use that for your password and stuff and so you know the inner text entry on apple tv's pretty abysmal and so that it billy even at least now you can use the code apple year the keyboard on your phone and that makes it better but it's frustrating to have to enterain your use name a pass for fifteen times so the idea was that you could authenticate once with your cable provider and all your apps woodwork but that hasn't really born out and we when they look a win they released a guest the the the tv app and and the big tvless update.

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