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The just getting tired of the wafer thin that really i think oriole fan is going to the yankees and it's going to be a one for one swap it was mine that's what my sources say again has to talk only to my i'm serious you guys think i'm kidding my father's phone rings and anyone other than our mother any where all stunt like what hauling him who could possibly call but she sees that this thing is going to happen you know she says yeah the person who hates lebron and john carlos stanton is actually dan's mom dirk rose do you believe the lebron is strongly considered the seventy sixers i was making fun of brian wind horse on the radio today and he agreed that it was sad that we now have to do this degree of dicing on lebron james that he strongly considered the sixer or did he just consider the sixers and win said he just considered him and ran away from strongly considered i know that the seventy sixers made sense to all of us because they are young and he would have had to have had the thought hey it might be interesting to play for them and then he said down with magic johnson and that thought evaporated from the skull yeah the sixers are like the guy who asks the girl out and she says sure let's get lunch she was never into you in lebron was never into the sixers because based on everything i've read in heard it's always been los angeles for him which is shane because i actually think the sixers probably would have been a better fit and they're more of a credible threat to the warriors in your current interrelation which lie i hope that strongly not just merely strongly considers the sixers because that would be a dangerous squad margaret my favorite hardwood part about this story though is who it is that is saying that lebron draw they considered the sixers the sixers they're the ones that are saying what do you think they're going to do they're going to be like the pro the broad i mean we'd is dead what does he probably wouldn't serious but no they want you to think that he was strongly considering the sixers hell no he wasn't strongly considering the sixers i don't care how good idea what it was magic johnson over here it was joel embiid over there the big man ain't that funny where have you been playing.

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