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Frank is going to hang around for this segment and are Other guest Marshal Bowery, one of the other three Air force players, current players that is joining us on the show tonight. About Marshall. Here you go. Marsh is that is that a great photo of the bird man that is like that, You know, he's got we've been telling him we were talking about this during the day. He's got to get on. Get on the computer dating site right now and put that photo on. Look at harp. Zach was that Is that going to get it done for him? Yes, we had. We got J with his cute little dog is kind of my Christmas card dish. It was It was beautiful Christmas tree in the background and no Yeah, not bird. You gotta keep that one. Yeah. Marshall Bari, Senior Rochester Hills, Michigan 95 games, So you're you can close to that. Magic 100, Mark and 20 Goals, nine assists, 29 points. Couple of power power play goals, three game winners for his career. How you doing? Fantastic. Just glad to be here. You got back home, obviously, for Christmas house goes good to be home for a little bit. Yeah. And when was the last time you were home? I came back here at the end of July. So about five months was that like your longest stretch that you've been itty academy where you weren't home? Yeah, I'd say so. Yeah. How's everybody doing back home? Everything is good. I mean times. They're a little little weird right now, With covert and everything going on. People are staying home at work from work and everything. So it's a little bit different Shops aren't open a little upsetting, see, like small businesses and restaurants still not open right now, so it's a little bit different. And the parents can't come to the games, which is really got to be kind of tough on on them. So you guys being seniors, especially on hockey parents to love being here? Can't believe Marshall Barbary. Zach Maraj, just Max Harper. I can't believe you guys were seniors already. You know, it just seemed like yesterday. Yes, that I was going. We needed. We needed extra forward. So we went to the North American League's, uh, you know the last chance saloon deal that they had in Detroit and and Joe Doyle goes. There's this guy that this flowery kid that Plays with Harper, and he's pretty good. He's got good legs and you know, and you know, we needed one more guy. And where was actually four guys? We were that we join. I went, don't want to be looked at with him. And remember, March played like in the first game, and I said I don't know what the other guys are gonna look like. I don't care. But I want that guy and he was out. There I go. I love his legs and and Member. Yeah. Remember that member went up in the restaurant and the Greek restaurant after and and visit with your with your with your parents, and you and And then, uh, where I just remember, Uh, same deal Join. I were in Boston and and we're going and we're going to watch that plan. You were playing for the Islanders, right? The Islanders? Yeah, That's who it was when this rank was colder now. And anyway, that's Ah. That's him right there. That Zach Maraj us and you guys had a had a really good game. I think you won like 7 to 2 or 7 to 3. It and up And the goalie that they lit up was chained staring. No kid. Yeah. Oh, my goodness. Shame. Let him or goals. I think in that game, and he did his whole career here. Yeah, Yeah, not funny. And then, of course, Max. Remember watching Max? You caught my eye? Uh, actually, I may have been the first one to write you up. Remember? Your first year and Topeka at the North American showcase and blamed I'm going. Who's that big guy? Looks like a looks like a good be a big old pro, You know, Big stride, Long, athletic looking guy and And I always remember the recruiting and that first see these guys playing and now here they are, and and they're the leaders of our team and And they're just great guys and find men and so happy to have him as part of our program. You and Max Harper and we talked. We joked about it few minutes ago here on the show how long you guys been playing together? Same teams. Well, same teams. I think we met in preschool. So a little bit after that plan. How time travel hockey. Yeah. Oh, my goodness. So I'm sure you guys you know the chemistry and you know each other's games and things like that. You've seen that you see in the photo throw Tom lack in there too. Oh, yeah Way got that potent for I got that photo in my office in my In my drawer to his precious, You know, I got I've got those one of my all time favorite photos. Those three clowns, you know that way, Tom. I'm sure was trying to get you guys into trouble at that time as well. And, um But how Well cool is that the pictures? All three guys, and then they end up playing at the Academy. Another one of my favorite photos. I got a photo of Tiger Ledford when he was When he played youth hockey here at Air Force. He's like, five years old, and he scored a goal. He's like that with an air force uniform on I mean, that was somewhere. Those are two of my all time favorite. Pre falcon photos of former players. Yeah. How? How? How fast has the last 3.5 or so years gone for you blink of an eye. Really? I mean, you're you're here your freshman year, uh, a lot of rules and restrictions while you're up there on the hill. Then all of a sudden is your senior year and you're looking back and you're wondering where the time's gone. It's It's incredible. How did I get here? Yeah, well, how did you get here as they then when you Frank Frank saw you and Joe and society in the Detroit and was it a tough call on your part was a pretty easy decision. I think it was a pretty easy decision after coming out here and get a look at the campus looking at the program in the history that they had Looking at the pros and the cons and everything about the military life and the occupier. 0 G here, Um, I think it was a pretty easy decision didn't help. You know, I could couldn't have hurt. But how much did it help was coming to the Academy's got it like it's got to be for you. You've got to make that decision individually. But how much did it help when you have guys here you had Tom are here already. You had harps that was already committed, You know, did that I think it makes it. Ah, lot easier, like jumping into the situation knowing that you have people there that you can reach out to, if times get tougher. If you're unsure about a situation you can always Ah Rely on those guys. Especially Tomur. Just because he you're older. He already went through the situation Then also, I got my best friend Max here with me, so it makes it makes it a lot easier and you have a game. You have way you play the game. Did you have to change that much to fit the way? The coach's coach here at the academy or or was it a pretty good fit from the get go, I think was a pretty good fit, but I definitely had to develop my game. And there's a large learning curve. That freshman year that you, you try to attack and get ahold of It's a lot faster out here than playing in junior hockey a little bit more physical and everything. So, um, I said, I think I fit well into it just with getting into the legs and trying to be a little tenacious. So I think it was a good fit. But the learning curves pretty faster. Yeah. What was the toughest Adjustment. Toughest adjust adjustment. Probably just the speed of the game a lot quicker than junior hockey players air, more skilled thinking, faster pox going faster and for you. For you. It's more in your It's more your mind..

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