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You name it ever at Fateh mean extortion, prostitution weapons trafficking is a huge business for them. I know a guy who is involved with them at a at a higher level and wound up being there. Essentially developed. Hacking programs. They got an computer hacking and stuff and that crazy. It is it absolutely is Dave all websites now. But you know, they're notorious for inserting civilians into lawn forcement related jobs. They loved to have somebody in the DMV false five in numbers on vehicles and stolen by dispatchers at the police aid way every time we find a way to defeat them. They find a new way to try to get a cat and mouse game it's like inmates in prison. Right. You got all day to figure out a way to to work around the system breakout or get contraband around, and you know, and it's like terrorism they they only have to be right once they can afford to get caught time and time again with terrorists or right once we're in trouble. And it's guys like you that prevent that from happening and knock on wood. We have not had a major terrorist attack since nine eleven doesn't mean we have smaller ones or ones that are inspired by ISIS or rap people radicalized online you combat that. But as. Far as organized organized attacks. Like what we saw is all undercover work. That's getting done. It's a rat snakes cheating death by living alive. Vinson cephlon. Thanks again for the time. Join us here in Cincinnati. Thank you. All right. Good luck. With the book. We've got news in the ten of six today. Wendell young is innocent. But not really we'll explain what texting game gene has got an update, and we talk about seven hundred WWE Cincinnati..

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