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Here's a limited one hundred twenty five and then to give give their way like your friends family. Giveaways got some social media influencers yeah yeah <hes> jurassic park. Mattel people said i can't get the drastic mark figures. I can't be an influence why not politics. They told me no so because you're on the wrestling side of mattel. You can't be the drastic park guy. I went over to the park section of college. I was like wow these are great. You know how come up 'cause. They put the doctor figure out right the what's his name the the old guy john hayman. I think he's a doctor. He started support for god's sake mosquito a tree anyway so i said oh i would love up to get sent some of these. How come i can't be how do i go about being like an influence for these and <hes> they said all you can say oh. Why not all politics. I they'd what's up with two million dollars posted. A picture of the dinosaurs apparently now did you try to follow up on like when they politicians okay. You said you know what screw it is went. <hes> ebay and i bought a dinosaur. I wanted for forty bucks so funny. Toy politics you understand isn't it. Matala doesn't yes. It's the same company eddie. I couldn't believe it. I mean you know to be fair. I think that there is something going on because for whatever reason every time i buy stuff i add neka italic talamo buying it. They never replied anything. I post. I love necker. I love next to all the horror figures. I have all the exclusives from shout factory. I have all all the ultimate you have. The ninja turtles movie figures. That's what i'm talking about the movie initiative and get the horror movie fatal heart movers. I'm not a horror guy. Now you like cartoons yeah. Yeah that's true. I was gonna say myself again. Last year. Comical neka made the v._h._s. of the turtle and i'm on the back instead of having like a movie reviewers. Toy reviewers like these figures are sick zachariah. Did you keep it does that when you kept in the box no no but i <hes> i kept neck appreciates me mattel not so much not w._w._e. Or the jurassic park section oh oh boy it's not good no makita sweating so hard right alison liking this not liking it so what did you. When did you kind of stop. Stop liking stuff like i feel like you developed your hobbies. I'm the same way you developed. Your hobbies is a kid and you were like no. This is the stuff i like turtles ghostbusters wrestling and then maybe getting a high school. You're like boy bands and you're like this is just for life. What would that stop liking edging rings or have you developed new hobbies and fascinations okay. Would that's it. I mean it's a complete fleet throwbacks stranger but that's because it's a it's a reference like this last season of stranger things. Every episode had like nineteen references to something for when we were kids. Every episode has done well. That's why i love the show. I think the sasha is in. I think it's i think it's never been like it is now yeah and like you can go into target forget and by ninja turtles figures from one thousand nine hundred ninety nine hundred like style figures at.

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