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Kalugin but there have been trying to get rid of them really nearfatality aca men whatever we do in our fraternities um well it is an attack on men it's also an attack on the culture everybody's exactly equal don't you know that i would say exactly equal but what's at i thought i hate to say it but at palma an attack on white culture white men now and a well there may be an attack on white memoranda that has nothing to of this i thank you for your call let's continue here kelley waterford michigan on the mark levin app go ahead hi mark acupoint um i badly spend any more money on the voice of america because they are now going could break down the map get win any of our young men we know it or not lap and we know it from the cooperate but like lame lock pairing also nfl at the if the ball player style if they don't care about trump they don't care about the veteran dan and i were they do they pretend that they care about america deeply that they're great patriots just the cops the cops to the problem okay what your show yesterday crowded that they care about the veteran no i agree with you listen to me you said whether they said i'm saying what they actually believe okay well it believed that right now than they felt the quake for years and the nfl fans would do well for learning understand right now niko kovac i are that let me tell you they are which is why the owners a concern which is why the commission is concerned which is why the phones like well bonner out there talking about plantations sowa all right my friend i appreciate your call excellent calls tonight excellent so casey sandpoint idaho don't blow it sirius satellite go hey thank mark wohlers spirit quick car and that were the fact that i've been occurring at curt now where the cult pedophilia uh the rate culture often right that and at grafted through hollywood what what makes you think that it's that that we have this ramp it culture going on now i mean it's clearly the case in hollywood but what makes you think it's going on all over the country oh dirt brick at look at all.

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