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And by the way joe ross put them on o'clock i mean i i mean come on a pitch the ball that's the job you have to put the ball in play pitched the ball i got out of this game last night after zimmerman second homer at six four because i knew what was coming i knew the bulb because they already gone through this kid got who they just called up to see the w yet the second pitch forgot if we wasn't six five down would still be rising over the screen it was a totally wild crazy pitch but he can he let in one raanan inherited runner but then he got the the inning out and then they went to the rest of the bullpen and the and the rest of the bullpen was flawless they're trying to not in the game but the us will come was flawless and they end up winning the game ten i think tend to five five right but a my right on route why does ross takes so long to pitch of god rather because he was demoted this year he's had of save his biggest professional struggles after having a great rookie year i dunno did you see what happened with daniel murphy in the second base on pyre yes disgrace sprang lives lay so yet murphy who couldn't see murphy by the way a better field of this year than ever murphy's great he didn't have the view the plenty when it because the empire allen porta was standing in front of them and moving you could see this in a video because of an whether politely says i can you move i can't see an illplanned refuses and then appears to mutter a bunch of course we asked bombs appearance clears unbelievable yeah i just don't understand why the why the was that angry what f he went crazy about this should have you know how terrible it was a but no i think i think the arm.

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