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The time to recharge is is critical. No matter where you're working now and community the winter months it's more important as today's show archerd. That's not natural unleash so we need to get our energy and wanting just in terms of where you work and the setup Lot of people. If they're settled was checked for headed safety officer should be condemned. How can you make your workplace reasonably healthy for yourself that you can do so you can try to position by natural lace and and you can try to kind of bring in some plants and stuff like that. That's just for your own environment and wellbeing and then really simple things like a foot soon. Ariss support and put a few books on your monitor. Mantras too low it also. There's small things that you can do. And i know to have those lumbar supports that you can put on over a chair for chairs and grace you can use so there's small things that you can do in day. John costs the earth. You know definitely oscar employer to expense back. i do know a lot of employers. Who are looking to have their employees. Continue to our brickley are giving an allowance and are going through the process of checking the workspaces again. But they're just a few small things that you can even to yourself. In the meantime i know the to have An event coming up workshop and we can find it through embrace nieve brady. When is it on just briefly because we need to go to the minister. And we're gonna have a busy morning. When is it on. your tickets. yasser boxy important budget. i know but i'm mission people in person real-life. I'm into the once in. October in glendower shared offices and key as you said jump onto newspray dot com. Aren't event frazier. And if. I didn't think that we spoke about today. Resonates check checkout event and. I'm sure that cellphone dad nora good roy. Speaking with your door shared office you'll find all the details on event brace nieve brady are new. Brady dot com productivity coach. Thank you eight hundred fifty seven one five nine nine six up. Next minister mike mcgraff the opinion line on courts menti six. Fm cardi insurance group. Call them now for motor home business farm life on health insurance the g. e. six to nine alan cork ninety in my host hearing is series kriens cream. I'm berries and cream research into this. Okay it comes from two thousand. Seven ad for starburst gone bananas. Take my kids every single minute of the day. They're showing this from room. Need a car doctrines. Yeah we're gonna be famous and with no dvr slack. Rule for skoda this city alone standing tradition engorge open twenty four seven at mill dot com ninety six bank of ireland. We understand that home is where the heart is. but it's also where two people become five or attics become bedrooms and we're close spaces become open plans to make room for new memories. Get the space. You've always wanted search bank of ireland home improvement loans. Welcome home bank of ireland began. Lending criteria tempting conditions apply ratings and not suitable for students. Bank of ireland is regulated by the central bank of ireland. We've all heard about the energy crisis and that gas and electricity prices have significantly increased. In fact the average household could be spending five hundred euro more than last year if they haven't switched to a better deal and over twelve months. The good news is that bonkers dot e compares all fourteen electricity and eight gossip suppliers to find the very best tire for you. So you can switch to a better deal in just minutes with bonkers dodi putting hundreds of euro back in your pocket. It's easy it's free. It's bonkers dot e shed that kook linger around skincare counter. Margo is a skin care consultant at. Lloyds pharmacy that said. I'm struggling martine. And i'm not sure what products would suit by skin tight baddest. you see. it's not just the extensive hours of training when you've used on the most products and help data to skincare routine treats sheer joy on their face. You can't beat that for all your skin care. Needs including thirty three percent of many of your favorite skin care products this month or online or popping store and say hello to the people that know lloyds pharmacy cork's ninety six. Fm healthcare partner. Have you taken. That was a commercial lease on the property such as a business property shop eunice factory or agricultural land have you registered details of commercials with the property services record sri sergey. The ps oray. If not you may be breaking. The law. tenants of commercial leases are legally required to register these with the ps oray within thirty days of receipt of the related stomp certificate from the revenue commissioners. It's no fence not to remember registered details of your commercials online now or why the billion we've pj coogan now three six on ports six fm courts ninety-six fm..

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