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South dakota's congressional delegation say they support president donald trump's decision to reverse the deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca meanwhile sought to public radio says state democrats in the aclu officials are calling on sought to go to representatives to support legislation that protects those who face possible deportation there are over five hundred fifty daca recipients in south dakota according to the us citizen and immigration services their fate remains uncertain over the next six months as the trump administration rolls back the daca program established by the obama administration in in 2012 the program gave individuals who were brought to the country illegally as children protection from deportation but not outright citizenship dako will wind down over the next six months giving congress a window to act on immigration reform south dakota senator john thune and mike rounds along with representative christie gnome say in statements that former president obama's daca rule was unconstitutional they all agree that president trump's plan will do a better job of securing the nation's border like trump all three members of the state's delegation are republicans south dakota republicans held a straw poll at their stade fears hall on friday through monday this past weekend asked me their preferences of registered party members on to state why primaries set for next june according to a republican party press release the winners our governor attorney general marty jackley receiving a one thousand nineteen votes in second place was us representative christie gnome with seven hundred sixteen third where to former state rep laura hubbell at twenty gary terry lefor received six us house former state public utilities commission commissioner dusty johnson received nine of thirty four roads secretary state chanteau crab cbs received.

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