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On ESPN radio special baseball hall of fame show with the coal Briscoe and Todd Walker Kenny Lofton former all star outfielder spoke to the talents of both. Chipper and Jim Thome there are, two different guys and their friend dynamics to the two and when you look at Chipper Jones I call Chipper, Jones a smooth operator you know he's one of those guys. That was just kind of, cool Colin collectors and he pretty much, just like hey, he had no fear and no worries in the world when he was on. The ceiling in the clubhouse and he was one of. Those guys that just enjoy playing with and with Jim Thome way we. Always call him you know the big comb dome you. Know he, was basically, one of, the one of the biggest guys that didn't know how strong you was or how good he was playing with Cleveland and again, but Jimmy he was just one of those guys that just he just, didn't know, how good he was and we saw it on a daily basis how he. Had a good eye at the plate and he just had the. Strengths that was just unbelievable There's really not much debate on these guys getting in and Chipper for one would mind if the guy he says is the best of all, time was, able to join him as well I have no problem whatsoever saying they're very bonds is the, best baseball player ever seen on a uniform I have no problem with that I think he's, a hall of Famer whether there's a cloud of suspicion Or not part of me Says that if, he gets into this class you know he's going to be the focus of the rest of us are going to be forgotten about Well, all right so that's his point. Of. View now back to Kenny Lofton and again seventeen year, former all star, outfielder with Cleveland his take on it decidedly strong and different, from Chipper wow I thought, I knew a little bit better than that but for me knowing the game playing the game and being around that game and I just for me I've always been, outspoken about it and it just irks me really bad when guys talk about performance has drugs. Because I know I played the game the right way and I kinda got off the, hall of fame ballot because of guys using performance enhancing drugs and then you got people like Alex Rodriguez Yeah They're praising him on ESPN about the game of, baseball the game of, baseball but you being praised on Sunday night base all FOX. TV I. Don't I can't even watch it because, again I just can't praise a guy who cheated the game that I love so, passionately and I put my heart and soul into the game to get there and watch guys who cheered and I'm playing against guys who cheated competed against. Guys you, know she also have to compare it your compared to those guys that irks me just the most that I'm looking, at my numbers are comparing my numbers to steroid. Guy that's not cool, nights Kenny, Lofton former all star outfielder seventeen year pro talking about being compared with those that he feels cheated the game of, baseball black Guerrero going into the hall of fame on Sunday with the group of those going into the hall and being enshrined and his former, manager Mike. Shosha Says, it's a, no brainer when it comes to put in Vlad in we just talked about. Was it two thousand. Nine when he swung pitch that bounced. Way before the plate and head into like left field, for for a base, hit when he would swing those just horrendous hitches what would. You think. Well I think that's Puerto Vlad's tell, it you know this guy had just great basketball ball skill he's strong another north, ever seen anybody swing the bat so hard and square balls up like flag could and I think when he saw the ball good and he thought swing. He put, a swing on sometimes these pitches would be shin high and sometimes they will be necktie but he would badge hit, him hard I think the outliers the ball batches. Obviously he got a, little fool, those pitches but get your shows the talent he had to be able to put the bat on the ball and, still you know be able to make contact and got gotta hit on the ball to bounce that's that's something special what is.

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