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What's her name? I would go to Instagram. That's I'm trying to firing girl. Girl wanna one man dying piece three. Oh one. I don't know. I'll for it. So he's going away for real. It's her baby, mama a Yanna. Well, he has multiple baby mamas right now. Take hashi. What is Tacoma's? She's six one nine two six nine Takashi six nine. That's just his name his name is he a great rapper. I personally distant hits. Now chin. Do you think they're gonna find JFK's real killer before you find her just gonna it's top? I know you as I will just like Donald. I'm more. I'm more just surprised how bad your Takashi six nine hasn't child. Yeah. He does. He has a daughter. I think good stuff guy. Wait a breed. He does make some fucking hit. So Z her did. Yes. She is. I'm just just click on that. There you go. Oh there she Atwell. So you Jade Olenin. So oh, so you j she and law school underscore. Oh. So you Jade. No, she's a hard work in stripper Brian way. Hold on hard worker in entertainer, bro. I mean, she dances. Yeah. Okay. Well, let through the night. It makes me see what I'm working with. No, do not go one was shown her as she is. She's a middle one. Yeah. Yes. She seems like a not to go. Now. Go to when she goes come see me tonight, y'all scroll down I really looked into this over the Lincoln keeps growing me. She's keeps growing she'll be in the club key where where's she going to be exactly I got to work? All right there. See the middle one next to her kid. Yup. That one. Yeah. Sure. Right. Pull up on me at angels club, New York. Okay. Hey. Okay. Up on me. Okay. She's so you have a problem that Brian. You know, what you to lighten the ass for this. I may be but I'd step up. Let me see. Well, that's a whole different situation. She's simply a problem. She's a pro because he's fucking one of the most famous rappers on planet pro blame. Oh, look at her there. And now, she's make you risk it, all man. Well, now, and now what he's would I drive my stupid fuck and GT three RS right through that pore over that fuck through the ocean for her. Yeah. If she goes Bredon, you can fuck me. But you gotta take your car and drive it into the Pacific Ocean. What you're already doing this? Let me see that middle shot right there this one or this down. Yeah. Right there. I mean, that's a that's that's what a boy, you know, look at the hips on her. If that doesn't make your Dicko we can't be friends. Well, you're gay otherwise and even gave him have sex with you know, what I'm saying? That's frustrating. What in God's name is going on. Now, it's tough out. She has picked her as a stripper and then has the kid on their. It's a little go that one when she's on the beach with the ass out. God dog diggity dog. That's not Photoshop either. Y'all. That's that's a crazy ass. She she could pro what I look at that. I think of only one thing she probably runs superfast does squad could be she's looks like a great athlete. Dude. You don't I would do when if I if I was with I want around my volume of Avaz, let's say go to Hawaii this when we go on occasional segment of why? And I pull up to the pool, and I'm with my kids like that. Right. I'll go to like, I'm confused is this I read the title are we up fucking spearmint rhino. Do you want to change? Sure. Because I went nine to your boner. Well, here's my go. Hey, I got cross the desert, and I don't have. I don't have enough to carry water. I know you store water. Well in those two humps you call us. In your camel humps. You know, I'd say you're fucking listen, you human camel who I'd love to Bank constantly, go. But you'd get you could fall you'd have to strap it to buy forty or ask because you could fall into the crack of harass, please. You don't come to her without taking your vitamins. Do not come don't don't pull up on her. What else? What other pictures we got Jin tan pushing through? Just cute face to. She's she's she is impossibly attractive sort of Asian. She's obscenely attractive. She's probably Asian and black. It's frustrating. Contractors combination..

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