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Fan though becky south 'cause you crushing his heart do that horse has long since left the bar. She had its kit late. that was it. you're hitting him right in the heart. Why can't like him in game. So this is this is the best i can. We can we can. We can like him in the game now. We can't do that but the thing that you know. No there's no. I have a better shot with tony storm than you do with becky lynch. There's just there's no chance there it's done. They are married with child possibly children depending on how they feel moving on some. Hey w news. Moving on darby allen was announced that he's going to be in jackass four k. I failed. he's okay. i'm sorry. I just have to say that i this. I think is incredibly dangerous to let him do something like that. I know he's fine. And i know nothing happened to him. But you hear stories about jackass and all the stupidity that happens in the real injuries that happened in. It's like yeah. Yeah the something really catastrophic could have happened to him. And that's never good prolly. It's cameo with either knoxville or tony hawk or something. Yeah it's i don't think they let him do any kind of stunt but they might have but yet still if they let him do stunts state. No they shouldn't have. Rooms blamed brand's bragging backscratching shoulder snapping if this week's injury rounder so.

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