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Your business with the North Atlantic States Carpenters Union visit NES RCC dot or g'kar 4 55 While you may have seen Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders yesterday at the inauguration Wearing his mittens all bundled up well, lots of names have popped up on the Internet, putting Bernie Sanders sitting in his chair bundled up for the inauguration. Mittens and all all over the country, people have been putting him in various places. People have also been asking about those mittens. You know they were a gift to Bernie Sanders in 2016, made by a teacher from Vermont. Bernie's getting a lot of attention, but so is she. Jen. Alice is a second grade teacher and has been making men's for years to earn extra money. Well, she expected to watch history being made on Inauguration Day. What she didn't expect was to see her own senator Bernie Sanders, sporting the men she made from repurposed wolf things from famous fashion designers to the inauguration. And there was Bernie wearing mittens that I made in my craft room with a sewing machine that my mother gave to me when I was 12 that audio From CBS this morning. She gifted the men's to Bernie through connections after he lost the Democratic nomination in 2016, she says she's flattered that Bernie War the mens to the inauguration, but sadly, they have no more for sale. James RoHaas WBZ Boston's news radio, and you should get a knitted Tom Hanks a coat. The actor is going viral is well for being cold and last night's inaugural concert in Washington, D. C. Tom Hanks appeared for the 90 minute telecast without wearing a coat. Many fans tweeting they were concerned the host of the special would freeze to death. He didn't for 57 straight ahead of the news at five o'clock President Biden signing some new executive orders today. A new president, Social Security benefits tax laws. The Secure Act. Change is upon us Get prepared within S H p. Financial plan. Call 802 27 77 77. Hi. I'm Carrie O Landy of Millbrook. Modular homes. We build affordable custom homes in in large additions. CIA floor plans that Milburn calm start. Com toilet paper and.

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