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There's some duds at the back end of this, But like if you look at number 31 the Jaguars, okay. CJ Henderson Colombian chase on legislation all around, too. I think you're really excited about him, right? But you expect some of these pics. To be too need to develop just because they didn't all of a sudden bust out like Justin Jefferson. You're one no reason to throw in the tower. The Jeffrey Ricotta Detroit, another example. You know, so I'm not. I'm not overreacting to it to dramatically. I think a lot of the teams at the top it got a ton out of the rookie classes. You look at the Washington ball team, the box Tristen Worse. And from Winfield, the Colts on Ben, Of course, the Bangles with choe Burrow. They had guys that were put in prime position and, yeah, they delivered in their rookie year. But that doesn't mean that the guys at the back can't deliver in their 2nd and 3rd year. That's why you're drafting them in the first place. You know if you're auditioning for one, Wait nine. The hater. I don't think the reason too nuanced. Take like that is gonna is gonna work. Let me ask you Look, let me ask you a legitimate question here, though, When? When do you think it is appropriate to judge Class A draft class. That's a great that's a great point. I think once you get to once you have three years in there, um I think it's appropriate to start looking at that draft class relative to the rest, But I really don't think you wanna overreact. Certainly to the first year, I think you're too you know, depending on the consistency of the team around them. You can start to look at things, but I would really want to see Three years. Hopefully, by that point, you had some sort of continuity within the team. I mean most of the team's drafting, high or bad, right, So it's tough to get a keen scent on the smaller sample your three fine, but ultimately you want to look at that fool wait for that rookie contract for five years. All right. You know, I was looking back because because, you know, we're all used to talk with you about this. I was looking back at the Broncos draft class of 2017 and yes, carry balls turned out great. There was a shaky there for a little bit, but it turned out great after him. Marcus Walker, who did play out his contract but will not be back Carlos Anderson, not in the league. Brennan Langley, not in the league, Jake, but this he's gonna be gone and it's unfortunate but injuries. Isaiah Mackenzie actually has been pretty good out there in Buffalo Butts, a miss for the Broncos because they moved on so fast. The Angela Anderson and Chad swag Kelly That is the 2017 draft class. So we're kind of right in that window. That's four years, but my goodness, I think after two we all felt pretty good about knowing with that draft class. Will you still call him swagger? Do we call him vacuum bag now? It Z. Yeah, Swagger's not the word that you would use for that particular graphic. No You shine a light on something that's really important. Which is the draft is is a lottery. You know, in so many ways, if you think you know you don't know. Um and you have to be willing to place bets that have at best, like 53% chance of hitting, And there's the chance that you can flip a coin five times and they can land tales for you five straight times. So you can't let You can't let draft classes like that. I think. Impact your team too much on go way that you do that is you continually make smart bets, right? You trade back, acquire more picks. You look to get a quarterback to will lift your receiving corps and make sure you know whether they're good or not. But those are things that cannot mitigate a draft class like that. Because it's hard. Sometimes you look at those yo, man. Well, I'm clearly bad. A traffic. No, you got unlucky. We ripped right? You zigged instead of zagging basically seven times and that can sometimes get you in a lot of hot water. Of course. The very next draft. They did pretty good. Bradley Chub wide receiver one Courtland sudden, Roy Stream has been productive, wide receiver. One Courtland suddenly I think I said that twice. Hey, George is good to have you on, man. Thanks So much of the time And yes, we're all good. Now I think we cleared the Air Broncos fans, the ones who listened to show I will. I will. I will call off the dogs. They will not egg your house tonight. I appreciate it. I appreciate that to vanquish that were sent him all the college fourth place. All right, George, take care of it. George. Jury at Pff underscore charge. That was pretty good. Yeah. I mean, you know that Ximena. They had some hits the year before, though, because you know Justine Simmons. Obviously a hit on that's about it. Really? Yeah, it was like I was like you said just then. I was like that covers that draft class. Well, parks is the league Devante Booker shredded the Broncos. He had that game this year. Yeah, Sally, and then you just keep going back, and it just doesn't get better. No, no, it doesn't. Not really Do they hold the greater the bridge building. They know they do. No, I don't. But in 2018 on, uh, some improvement certainly some improvement. And I don't know. I mean, I'm excited. I mean, you don't look a jury. Judy K. J. Hammer. Michael, Germany, Lloyd Cushion Very. They all played over 500 stamps. Right, McKelvin. A game's gonna be bigger role this next year, Albert local waving up, He's gonna have a bigger role this next year. Think justice. You're not going to find his way into at least special teams. The tiny moody Maybe get some time. Tyree Cleveland had some flashes. I don't know about Derek. Tuskegee up last couple drive fast. Been good. Are you concerned at all about the loss of that Russell Broncos country tonight on Keohane News radio and everywhere on the I Heart radio out tomorrow on Colorado's Morning news. The debate over covert relief continues.

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