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Just knew anything you want to add to that. No, no, not really. It's Yeah, just kind of depends largely on how much time you have. If you've got, you know just a couple minutes passing with someone, you can have to do it differently than if you're sitting down over meal and half. An hour with him so. If I'm doing open air in a Matt Near light, everyone's just waiting for the light to change. I got thirty seconds. You know it's going to be we all sin, we all four for fall short of God's glory. We break his law. That would make us criminals. We Li- we steal therefore need to get a right stay with God. How do we get into right stay with guy? We can't do it. It ourselves because we're ready criminals. We need someone who's perfect. Who can pay a fine? That's almighty God. Jesus Christ came in the flesh fully. God can pay the fine fully man he can. He pay the find for us? Being fully got. He pays it for all eternity. We must turn trust in our cell phone. Our good works and turn and trust Jesus Christ. And believe in Christ. We repent and have eternal life. That's basically all crane thirty seconds. If I have weighed more time to get into more details, just follow up. That is what reasons would you recommend for those who would be apologists? Raise, recommend from those who would be apologists. With this for the next hour. Yeah. Oh, my goodness Yeah there, there's A. There's a number of apologetic books out there course Ray, comfort has the evidence Bible That's a good resource Andrew. You've got resources on apologetic. It striving for eternity dot org. So maybe Andrew.

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