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With lax holly robertson for don maclean today march twelve while well it goodness it's going to be a joke you want us it's gonna be april man pitches did the just i don't know that had wonderful and fit fifty degrees for our our beautiful dog park today guys the is that we are going like dog park yet love it a friday belo thorne and patrick schwarzenegger warren town promoting their movie midnight son about a young lady who has a very rare condition real condition where she is an extreme sensitivity to light buddy but she finds love young love with patrick schwarzenegger's character yes and at the name sounds familiar it is that pat patrick schwarzenegger who dated miley cyrus the daughter of or i'm sorry the son of uh on arnold and maria odds schwarzenegger and they were in town they're doing you only sometimes do this over the years he hit that would these young adult movies or even smaller movies but the small movies at the studio has faith and they instead of just doing a giant press junket they sometimes do like these citybycity tours they go to places like st louis and chicago our market portland blah blah blah blah blah and that's what they're doing to promote this movie to create word of mouth and then at each stop they do public appearances here they they they did a big appearance on saturday with mall of america so when.

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