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Story of how she hid from Attackers during the capital riot. Oh, Oh, Disclosing new heroine details rounded by, Did you Did you? Did you catch any similarities in the statements? The word harrowing jumping in If anyone who doesn't think there's a coordinated effort by the media to frame our reality, you're as crazy as they think you are is dumber is out of it is they think you are because Every one of these people breathlessly reported on her story, And her story wasn't true. And they would have known that if they had done any investigative digging. What so ever And again. I don't want to downplay the threat anybody face and I don't doubt they were all scared. Nancy Mays told her. She was scared, She said she barricaded herself inside her office. So she wasn't saying, Hey, AOC has no right to be scared of. How dare you be scared? She wasn't downplaying the claims of sexual assault survivors because she herself is a sexual assault survivor. As she said on her show, she has told that story. On the House Foreign South Carolina What she was saying is I'm tired of these sideshow distractions where five people die. And somehow this becomes about AOC to Colin Quinn used to do a great joke about back in the day of the days of September 11th. He would say, It's the worst thing that's ever happened to any of us in our lives yet you've got those annoying people who have to tell you how you know they could have died of things have been done differently. There's old Conklin, but he used to be like, Yeah, you know, I take the two train every day. But if I had taken the a train that day, have you ever taken a train in your life? No, no, never once in my life, So shut the hell up, you know, And that's basically what Nancy Mace was saying. There were no insurrectionists in their complex. Nancy Mace was two offices down and she knew that AOC was lying. When she said I was there. They were banging on my door. I heard the mob outside the door. She heard.

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