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Now, obviously, you're not gonna see too many of those because you know, most teams aren't going to be underdogs by that many points. But something to keep in mind when you. Go to laying a big number in conference tournaments as we said, you know, laying a big number when it comes to the end of the regular season can make a lot of sense, but here in conference tournaments. It is not another one that I wanted. I wanted to point out rested teams at least a day off in between their games playing against teams that are back to back. Fifty two point eight percent ATS on the rest of the team. Fifty four point nine percent ATS when their opponent won by single digits the day before again, this is a hard fought game. They just one by single digits. It goes up to fifty four point nine percent ATS you filter that down by favorites of five and a half points or less or an underdog in this spot one hundred sixty six ATS sixty point two percent. So definitely the rested teams while they may get a bit of a slow start because the other team has been playing in his accustomed to this gym, and the long term it it would allow him. It will even self out and even more with the rest of the teams being good. I will say that. I think that the the second half. Half in these arrested teams would have even more value. I'd I don't have a way to search that. But I would guess that you know, in the first half they got to get things going a little bit in the second half. He's arrested teams likely do even better yet angle makes a lot of sets. And in fact, you know, as we're looking here, we do have some more data to back that up in terms of looking at the first half and some over and under an ATS transfer that first half only underdogs of five and a half points or more in the first half or fifty three and a half percent ATS since two thousand five to forty four and two twelve ATS. They're also unders fifty two and a half percent in first-half conference tournaments since two thousand five the understand a little bit better in the first half dozen the full game. Again, I think this makes sense because you know, at the end of the game, you can get some epoch foul fests in these conference tournaments teams. Don't want their season to be over. And you have the a lot of games are in locations that you're not used to playing in in the first half the shooting numbers would likely. Be even worse are says we give into these conference tournament breakdowns here. I know we had lists or questions regarding money line rollovers regarding tournament venues that were very good for the over very good for the under will work those in to our breakdown of these conference tournaments. We will hit seven of them here on today's show from this point forward. Again, my apologies for the technical issues. Stay that kind of pushed back the release time for today's show. I know it's important to get this out with three conference tournaments today. But you know, things happen, and I apologize for that. But let's go ahead and get into these year beginning with the patriot league. Now, again, this is one of those conferences that wasn't regularly lined up until this season. We've done all of our conference breakdown. So our listeners have a little bit of an idea of what to expect with these teams here you've got Colgate..

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