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The next generation of K G O eight Ted. What was nothing but third hand gossip. Thing I ever heard in my life. It's so dirty dirty. I'd rather not know how you get your not mad at you. Getting dirty don't talk daddy. United States Supreme court has described it as Dirk for dirt sake. I liked that. She's got a big dirty mouth. It gets trouble. I have big dirty mouth. Well, it's not as dirty as that congresswoman from Michigan. Rush ashida. Salib called Trump and Emma for dirty mouth. All right. I wanna do some dirt here Mazdas with me. He's my producer this evening. He's updating us on the Golden Globes. What are we got the first one? We've got green book it wins. Best motion picture for musical or comedy. Oh, I saw that. That was a very interesting movie. It's weird. I it was a great movie. But something about it got a little boring at times. But it was a terrific story about an African American man a musician traveling the country, but couldn't stay at the hotels and was very heartbreaking. A lot of ways. Did you see? No, I did not. It's on my list. It's on the to do list. Oh, go ahead. What else we got him? Seeing some of these coming in Sandro see wins best actress for TV series drama. What's her drama? I don't know what she said so bad at this. Yes. All my for the blind leading the blind. She wins golden gopher lead actress in a trauma, and she's also hosting she's hosting with. It's kind of like a double win. Yeah. She's doing. All right, Olivia Colman. She wins. Best actress for musical or comedy and Christian bale? Yeah. Kristen bell. He wins. Here's terrific. He's a great actor a Batman Batman. He's he didn't win for Batman. And then he didn't. But what I remember him from L? This is evidently he play he was in vice okay, Dick Cheney he played. And I saw bohemian rhapsody that won best drama motion picture. Yes. It did. Oh, I love that. That was real. I just loved that film. Another thing that I want to talk about is Carol Burnett. They named an award after her sure did. So from this moment in time forward. Somebody will be honored. It will be a performer or somebody in the television industry or the motion. Picture industry will get the Carol. Burnett award and here she is responding on the red carpet or Ryan Seacrest about that..

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