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Talking about Antonio Brown and the forty Niners. Well, check this Antonio Brown involved in a domestic dispute, he was not arrested not arrested, but he was involved in a domestic dispute that was from TMZ earlier today actually earlier this morning, and is TMZ have a source. Well teams he's pretty legit. They're pretty I'm just saying. So and it takes a rod earlier today because rod had the same thought as I did what if? It was a bad take by his representation, but they're like, look if we throw something weird out there like this. Maybe we can just get them released from his contract, and we signed him as a free agent somewhere else. Here's this story. One source tells TMZ woman contacted the Hollywood police department in Florida. Made a report about misconduct by Brown. A rep for the Hollywood police department not MC that Mr Brown was involved in a domestic dispute no arrests were made no arrests. So it's just very interesting. The story comes out now. They're just trying to get something done. That's why I brought it up. I think it's interesting. It comes out now. But forty Niner fans, I mean. I thought that the chances for the forty Niners get Antonio Brown were slim, very, slim really, I did I did now though with this even though there was no arrests made. I want to know how forty dollars fans are feeling eight away Cambier bother you. We've already had to the conversations about Ruben and what happened. I I wonder if this tours look I wanna know the questions that they're asking these guys like especially draft picks. Now, like how much is that change in talking to the guys, and what they were asking in trying to figure out the ruined foster stuff to learn from all that stuff have they learn what is the what's the right way to go about things. Now, are you staying completely clear of all these guys? Right. Or are you are you trying to dive? I mean, I feel like they try to dive in to a ton of stuff on on Reuben foster. And yet they got burnt still. I mean wonder what the new questions are what they have to what their type of investigation. Right because you have to consider the PR of this the the weight of that in this situation, you have to consider that especially what you've just been through. Like, you're saying Franson, I do think things may have changed for sure they've had to they have to they have to. They're not gonna make the same mistake. Again. They've learned from they could they could good. But I just wonder now you look at this report, no arrests were made still domestic dispute this is coming back from January. But teams you had the story today does done I'm not even going to take another look at this guy. I don't even wanna get involved in it. Or are you still thinking? All right. Listen, no arrests were made. There's no video which is the I mean, that's the stake in the heart. That was the one on Kareem hunt Kareem hunt, Ray rice, the video. So I still. I still don't see teams going for him. Let's go to maximum Petaluma MAC, Sean can't be eight away the number. If you want to chime it up max. A thanks for taking the call. I just kinda. When when someone's talking about a domestic dispute versus a domestic violence incident. A police departments. These days are documenting that a domestic dispute occurred when it could only be verbal argument. Okay. So they could substantiate a case later if I was does occur. So nothing may have actually occurred like physically Maqsoud forcement. You'd be okay. So so basically that could just be there getting loud, and they were having an argument like all couples do and somebody called the cops on them. Exactly like the neighbor may have called, and they just documented to cover themselves. Okay. If they were investigation or an agent could do that. And try to get things. Exactly. That's what it seems. This seems trippy right? Like, the timing of this whole thing. Sure. I mean, it could be something different. I'm just saying that in my experience that caught your experiences way L L ways a lot more than what I'm saying. I'm just like I'm trying to think outside the box for from a perspective of like Antonio Brown trying to get where he wants to go. Well, how can we create that? Sure. Tonio Brown that you would be interested in at this point. Not to that level. Nobody to that level. What he can bring in his production on the field. I mean, what's what's gonna be though? Question marks. In a deal. Thirty one now. Right. Yep. So was worse out the way he's saying he wants to do with rights and all that could go through what or four more solitaires. Has debatable. Debatable only why. Because only his body is the one that's gonna tell us. Yeah. Could break down you break down real quick. We just don't know ever still being disgruntled is max, you the man thanks for putting that up there for. Yeah. No. I I you see what I'm saying because it's not domestic violence, but it's a domestic dispute. So it gets that conversation going. Oh, yeah. So it's not on the true negative negative where the violence would have been exactly, but it's just enough to make. You. Should we get rid of this guy? I don't put it past that somebody shady did that I don't I don't put it past anybody in any any company that's making billions of dollars to do that at all. I mean, that's not going to be the Steelers on that. I'm just saying anything that's involved with the NFL. We're gonna talk about shady things going on. I mean, anything that nothing. Shady and the NFL. I'm fine. Misspoke. There is there ever been. What'd you say? Prime hop on the air. Oh, okay. Nothing else to bring. What does he bring? Like, we have the arbitration meeting about prime. Prime around the table. He'd win because he does have some good stuff to say. Okay. Jerk. You remember I thought you were laughing at my the other day. Our news actually was actually. Yeah. I know Senator are we still talking about prime? Exactly. All right kmby ours. The number listen forty Niner fans, I really want to get your thoughts on this the 'Antonio Brown situation. Obviously, no arrests were made its domestic dispute. No violence involved. Still still does it make you question. Make you question your team's pursuit of of of Antonio Brown's wondering if you're gonna hop off the Tonio train after this news anyway, the number of comeback. We've got a lot to get to when it comes to the NBA was quite a stack schedule this evening. You want to hop on anything? We've been talking about hit us up. I.

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