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General manager of the rockets. And you got every option available to you. Package deals second. Pick and you're gonna get calls from some teams want that pick. What are you doing if you're rebel stone. You're in charge with rockets. I'm still keeping the only way. I'm trading that pick is if i can include it and work some kind of deal to get damian lillard over here but i know that's going to be such a long shot that i'm going to hold onto it and since i'm going to hold onto it like i mentioned earlier i go moberly and i say that because the rest of the team with the exception of john wall the rest of the team is very young. So you put christian would. Let's move him to power forward. Let's put mobile at center. We'll start john wall. At the point you can switch between kevin porter. Jr. and erik gordon at shooting guard. At small forward you can switch between dino house and jay shaun tait doxa solid starting lineup. Not a championship caliber lineup. At least not yet. But it's a solid starting lineup. It'll get you farther along than where you were last year. And they do have to later picks in the first round you could potentially find your hidden in the rough gem point guard right there all right okay. So you want mobely and you liked the lineup and you think it's got potential and unless it's a lillard type of player you're not listening. Okay so there you go but that would take a lot so you want love all right. Mc let me give before. I moved ask you what you do is reffell stone in the gm of this team. Do you believe the roster as we see it now minus the draft pick. Who's not going to be on this roster the first seven or eight dudes on the rockets roster right now. Yep who's who who who will not be here with. We hit february next year. And obviously i mean first of all free agent wise olympics. Go we know that. I think they'll try everything they can to trade erik. Gordon i'll go and ceo gordon's not here. I would love for john wall to not be here. I think he'll be here but like to me. Those think eric gordon is going to be gone. They'll find somebody to take him. I really do okay before you make your pick if you draft jalen suggs. Why wouldn't you move john wall. You wanna move john wall. I think i actually want to. John wall now no matter who they pick. I just don't think they're going to be able to. There's look at the he was. He's making forty one coming so like when he played fine. There's no doubt you played forty games. He got hurt again though which he always is averaged. Twenty points per game didn't shoot all that well overall. But i mean yeah he's under contract arguments you for forty four million dollars next season and then he has a player option for forty seven point three. The rockets aren't gonna sign him out. You shouldn't buy him out in all honesty because then you're gonna use stretch provisions. You're you're gonna pad that thing out for years like he might just become one of the world's most expensive backup point guard somewhat because he's not going to opt out of his contract. You might as well just let it run through because if you pass plus yeah. Three shows no for somebody to trade for him one million dollars. Listen man forty one million dollars is supposed to be. That's a superstar. Elite plays the whole season and every years in the. Mvp talk in my mind. Listen i don't ever begrudge anybody for getting what they can if you were paying john wall right now not with the nba. If you just went in there and said listen let's go she your contract today. What would you pay him. Ten million bucks at best probably seven because today's nba seven. Yeah i even said this little camera bump it up. Let me double that. Let me just double it. I was thinking in the eight. Th mayor let's say pm fifteen to twenty. Oh god no. And i think twenty's high right exactly that's what i'm saying. Forty one million dollars. That's the most so wild it's ignorant okay just dumb. Because he's not worth half of what he's making now he's worth it because he negotiated his age any got it but anybody that pays john wall forty one million dollars and you may be stuck with a year that is legalized. Theft legalized complete deaf. And john wall gotta be the. What can you do with me. And if somebody out there trades for him as just the piece instead of up and you're taking that on that we have to psychologically checked at gm right. Check pulsa senator to get some psychological. I looked whatever they had to have wizards attach a first round. Pick right. that's what that's exactly. What forty one. He's not worth half that right now as a player. The only way you're going to get rid of them is if you have to take on a giant chunk of his salary or you're trying to the bad or you can't even do that. Yeah but on to trade for another bad contract. If you're going to take that much of a good chunk you might. We'll well just keep them. Yeah i mean they're they're honestly better off unfortunately keeping him letting him fill salary hell if his efg value they a team desperate enough to go and get a guy that like. It's gonna take a team free agency between this year this summer and next summer that strikes out on everything they're doing like we've heard him linked to miami before since miami something like that striking out on everything their windows kind of. They're kind of need something like okay. We'll just take take the chance. We're not gonna have him for longer to pay a lot of money. Sure and we'll see if it works. That's what it's gonna take to be able to move him because you can't find them out would be. I think silly stupid million dollars. You'd better be the best player on the team. I'm also looking every salaries the next the second highest paid player doesn't even make half of what donald is. Second highest paid players erik gordon. He makes sixteen almost seventeen. It's it's this. it's a phenomenon when you hear it. It's almost like you feel like you're it's it's somebody misspoke or it's a misprint. All right you're on the clock. Mc who you taken right now. And i look like a lot like the desha thing that we've done out probably gonna flip at some point. I'll talk myself into mobile. But i'm going to stick with who i who i said after the tournament. Everything i'm going to stick with jalen suggs. I think you know you want the dynamic of the big guy and if that's the best player i can get it again. It's a guard league. I think about the dream of having him and kevin porter jr. together because we saw a really good flashy kevin puerto junior. I think he's the right coach. Stephen silas last year. He's a guy that can handle the ball though. That's what makes it a little bit intriguing like you know. They might have a world where they envisioned. Kevin puerto junior being the primary ball handler. Kind of like. They did james harden but when i watch style play i think he plays really well off the ball tour where he doesn't need to be ice. Oh and all the time to where. I would love to have a primary type of guard that that i think is already an elite level ball handler in jail and such and i think is again is offensive. Game is really really good. And i think that he has a lot of potential scoring still in there. That's that hasn't been tapped into. And i think he's a multiple time all star before even gets i'd be surprised if he's not i would. I would like to pair those two. Because again i'm in the world of unless i'm just dead fearing that christian would can never stay healthy and i don't want to have to be forced into paying him max money here soon. I gotta take the garden in this league. Have two of them. That i think can be my cornerstones for a long time fair enough. We'll come back and discuss mine. If i was stone do i pick and talk to another gm and about fifteen minutes astros gm. James clinical join us rebels. Don't with matt thomas this afternoon. What kind of breaking it down. We're putting ourselves on the spot. Do like the most or something to love about the first four. All of them got something you say. Oh my gosh. The question is who's the best. Oh my gosh for the rockets and are you best player or big need. But if you're a team that has a lot of needs you take the best player. That's the rockets right now. Sports talk seven ninety shots house. We show coming back. James clerk minutes or i heart. Radio music festival is back. September seventeenth eighteenth at t. Mobile arena in vegas. Starting at noon. Capital one card holders have access to tickets before the general public good iheartradio dot com slash capital one. And get your tickets now. 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