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Well as African Americans, Hispanic and Native American populations during the two years study that does it for now, with continuing news updates from around the state. I'm Mitch Evans. Flash Flood Watch continues through this evening. Still some heavy rain at times as we go through the evening hours, tapering off late tonight, those down to 53 clouds early on Friday, then sunshine for the afternoon low seventies. Much nicer. I'm meteorologist Mark Thibodeaux from the Weather Channel on one of 61 of them talk. Next news and 30 minutes. Follow us on social media go to one of 61 FM talk dot com to connect with Nearly half of dermatologists say they were not adequately trained to treat skin of color gasoline is taking action to trained dermatologists and improve skin health care for people with black and brown skin. Find out more. Vasselin dot com. Right now. It's subway restaurants. Try the 3 99 some of the day every day. It's a different six inch sub for just 3 99 Come in any day of the week for one of your favorites like Sweet Onion Chicken teriyaki on Monday Turkey breast on Wednesday or Black Forest Ham one Saturday, all built just the way you like it. Had chips in a 20 on string for a little bit more, and you've got a great meal stop by today for the three money 97 Day subway eat fresh at participating restaurants. Extras additional plus tax. No additional discounts of people especially provided for Introducing touch free payments from PayPal a safe way for your customers to pay whether you're a market seller, poodle, pamper piano tuner or plumber. Signing up to accept touch free payments for your business is easy. Simply download the papal app and display your own.

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