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Been successful in that respect, like Mortal Kombat, obviously is not a very story heavy movie, but things like Detective Peek atyou, for instance, I thought did a pretty good job of translating a movie er transiting a video game from consul to screen in a way that was coherent, didn't really lose the spirit of the games and all and still made sense and was fun as a movie. Well, Fahim email this I played the original mortal combat in an arcade back in 1992 when I was nine, and life has never been the same ever since. The movie was awesome through and through. I liked every character. They each played a pivotal role in the overall plot. Unlike the 95 version, it didn't bother me that there was no actual tournament. I enjoy the character development and build up to it. And Stephen E mails haven't seen the new film. But this conversation is definitely making me want to venture out to theaters or sign up for HBO as For the original movie. I was also the perfect age. When it came out 14 or 15. I finally remember my best friend and I buying the soundtrack on CD Afterwards. I'm sorry. This is some kid out there saying, What's the CD as a movie? Yeah, it's silly, but so was the source material where we ask Mortal Kombat director and producer Simon McCoy it about a potential Mortal Kombat sequel. And here's what he had to say about that. All of us throughout the whole process of the film never talked openly about the s word. We never really talked about Sickles week. You do it. Obviously you do a little tiny bit knowing that there are opportunities there, especially bottle combat, which has such a bunch of rich treasure trove off. Characters and ideas. So yeah, There's obviously stuff sitting around, but we've never really talked about it in great detail. We've done a couple of things in the film, little join the pieces. You could call them, but it's not for us to decide whether there's a sequel. It's whether the fans and the new audiences um and super fans, whether they like the film enoughto one of sickle, and then if they do then, of course. I mean name. Did you get the feeling we're watching this movie that they weren't thinking about a sequel potential? I always laughed during that clip of him saying we were talking about a sequel. No, of course you work again. I have to stress this again and I don't Some people don't care what you're wrong for. Not Carrie. There's no tournament in this movie. They're building to the tournament. And John he, Kate. Sorry. Spoiler alert. Johnny Cage is teased at in the last scene of the movie. We're gonna go find Johnny Cage. Look, this is this is designed from the beginning to be a franchise and I think one of the things that we have not talked about when it comes to video game adaptations in in feature films is the most important question, which is why Why are we making these movies? Why do we feel like me to take something like the last of us, which is a great story? Hold very well in its original medium and make it less less interesting by making it a flat TV adaptation like What are we doing this for? I think with Mortal Kombat. It makes a certain amount of sense because their elements of the storytelling that are missing it's a fighting game. But there is this mythology, so it kind of fits nicely into Uh, medium where you can expand the characters and have more things happening, and for them to have rich inner lives. Hopefully, as Thies, this franchise continues. With something like death, stranding or the last of us. These are things that are already perfect. Why would we want to make movies out of them with the medium of video games has Matured so much that it can stand next to a movie and say We're just it's good as you I'm Jenn White. You're listening to one, eh? We're talking to Dave Shilling, co host of the Galaxy, Brain podcast, Kita Jackson from vice and Karen Han from Slate. So we got this message from Moon Bird who tweets video game movies or proof that Hollywood had just bet against original material in favor of money in the bank. Art is not dead, but it's a needle in studio cities. Haystack and get. I wonder if that is part of the answer to Dave's question. Why are we making these movies that such a cynical and really sad way to look at art? You know, it makes me really upset when people are just like blew. Everybody's just doing things for money. We live in a capitalist class society. You need to have money to live. I'm sorry. It really, you know. Video game movies. There's Especially in the case of something like the last of us, which was so self consciously designed to mimic a mode of television, You know, the prestige television of the Sopranos or madman. It's really clear sometimes why people like in the case of the last of us, Neil Druckman himself wanted to translate these stories from video games into movies. Or into television ships. You know there If you are a person who has designed a video game that is clearly heavily inspired by different kinds of television shows that of Aaron, HBO, the chance to adapt it into that medium is I'm sure irresistible to you, especially because they've gotten such an incredible cast with delayed gigolo toe Loop. Diego Diego Luna. I don't know what happened there on Frederic Pascal, who I think is the only good celebrity. Um I just I feel like there's nothing less like guaranteed then the adaptation of a video game into a movie right there. Historically, you know, cool. Look, we only known as being incredibly bad. The potential of having a built in fan base is You know, pretty enticing. I'm sure but not the as and you know, it isn't not a guarantee of success, especially in a world where the biggest movies that make the most money in the bank are ones that are just like within this Marvel Studios keep machine Um I feel like the desire to the enemy. The Tutut adapt these things in some of them. Cases of the more recent video game annotations really do come down to you, Uh, The director and the people in the project. Having an interested in mortal combat is more of a corporate product. But there is absolutely you know, we are reaching a point where the people that group of Mortal Kombat are now the major drivers of the economy. It is like our time for our entertainment to be the mainstream, and that's that is the reflection we're seeing. This is more necessarily If there's any sort of time to chase the money here, it's attempted cheese millennials where the people setting it. We should mention the original while the Mortal Kombat video game originally came out in 1992, so yeah. The people of a certain age are with disposable income, perhaps are going to the movies. Go ahead, Dave. Real briefly. Oh, I just wanted to pick piggyback off of this and say, I think the question is certainly not about money. I think the question of why should always come down to Art. Whether or not it feels as though the story told in the video game can be told differently, or with some kind of unique quality that could only come from movie or a television show. Like I just think it's not about it shouldn't be about money. It should be about What can we do that special here? Well, Mortal Kombat was released in theaters and on the streaming platform. HBO Max. So was Godzilla versus calling. That's another fact Fantasy action movie that's doing well financially. We got the street from Justin, Who says, Does this mean we could finally get a halo movie? And Karen? I'm wonder what you think. You know, this says about the types of movies people wanna watch right now on what we might see in the future. I mean, I think I guess to be cynical. I'm sorry, gate it like there is a certain degree to which I feel like people want to see more of the things that they're familiar with, and the more of the things that they like, which is like why, for example, like I am interested in the last of a serious and I'm interested to see what they do. Especially, I will say, because it partially because I'm a scaredy cat and can't get through the games on the road like I want to see the movie so I can experience the whole thing in some format..

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