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Korean said they would dismantle this, site and, everybody's been watching it for several weeks now wondering if any activity would be seen we're seeing it it's certainly activity it's not major activity at the moment but the. Ours appearing to be dismantling one of the rocket launch test site South Korea's, defense? Ministry is reported to, have tabled a plan to withdraw soldiers and military equipment from border guard posts along the demilitarized zone with North Korea In a report submitted to parliament and. Seen by the news agency Yonhap the ministry says the trial move would be in line with an agreement between the leaders of the two countries in April In a rare television interview the Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has blamed. Paramilitary gangs for the killing of around three hundred people in anti-government protests since April he told the US channel Fox, News the gangs were financed. By groups in the US and drug trafficking cartels he denied allegations by the UN that he's government was arming the gangs. In order to crack. Down on the demonstrations world news from the BBC the Chinese president Xi Jinping has begun a state visit to. South Africa aimed at improving economic relations between the two countries Maseko has the details this is the third time president Xi Jinping is visiting South Africa since he took office his meeting with president Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to strengthen economic ties between China and South Africa The two heads of. State will also engage in bilateral talks ahead of the tenth BRIC summit of emerging economies which takes place later this, week where leaders from Brazil. Russia China and South Africa will participate a former vice president of the Democratic Republic of Congo Jean-Pierre Bemba is to return. To the country next. Week following the quashing of his conviction for war crimes Mr. Bemba's party says he'll arrive on August the first. To submit his candidacy for the presidential poll which is due in December The former White House spokesman Sean Spicer has denied that President Trump is responsible for the proliferation. Of what's become known as fake, news Mr. Spicer who. Resigned last July said the media was responsible for. Faults errors and full stories he told the BBC's Emily make lists that he did get it wrong when he said Mr. Trump's inauguration drew record crowds we all make, mistakes there, are things that I absolutely, would love to do over or that, I could have done better I had to do. In front of millions of people and and I wish I, could have done a better, job I am not sitting here saying I'm not without fall I wish I could have done a better job there were days and were extremely lonely in that job, because, I screwed up and researchers in Britain's say that increased levels of carbon dioxide being absorbed into. The oceans making fish lose this sense of smell risking sharp drop in their numbers fish you smell. To sense predators and to find food the study showed levels of carbon dioxide at increased by forty, three percents since the industrial Revolution which began in, the seventeen hundreds BBC news Welcome to the fifth and final wreath lecture by the Canadian historian professor Margaret. MacMillan this is very much. A homecoming for Margaret what's up, place to end we are here. In the architecturally breathtaking Canadian war museum, in Ottawa and here in this huge labrador gallery we are surrounded by tanks in a place packed with. Weapons from, the eighteenth century to the present day in fact there is a warplane hovering rather ominously over our heads here is one of the great paradoxes of war. And how, we feel about it because I won't and I it is exciting to be. Here to be surrounded by all of these things even though we know that these are weapons that. Were designed and possibly even use to kill. People professor Margaret MacMillan has, called her lecture areas the Mark of Cain canes murder of Abel was according to the bible Both the first homicide and amongst the earliest occasions that we as humans have written about murder in this lecture Margaret MacMillan is going to turn her. Attention to, the following questions how do we represent conflict how does deal with war can. We really create beauty from horror and death and how do we best remember war and those who. Die because of this this lecture is entitled. Wars fatal attraction please welcome, two thousand eighteen wreath lecturer professor Margaret MacMillan.

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