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That FanDuel dot com slash sportsbook gambling problem call one 800 gambler. This is WTO news is two 23. First he was a lawyer for D.C. families during a sex abuse case, and now he needs a lawyer for child pornography charges. When FBI agents executed a search warrant last month at the West Palm Beach, Florida home of Michael dolce, they say they found him in bed with a laptop looking at explicit images of young girls, according to court documents, they found around 2000 pictures and 5 videos on that laptop. Most were downloaded from torrent sites. Dolce lived in Florida, but he also represented local families during a recent lawsuit against the Washington Hebrew congregation preschool or there were allegations that a male teacher sexually abused at least 8 children for years dolce has been an advocate for sexual abuse victims and specialized in representing them in civil cases. Luke Luger WTO's. It is not your imagination U.S. roads are getting deadlier. There was a ten and a half percent rise in deadly car crashes from 2020 to 2021, 14% of those, and the 14% increase was involving drunk drivers, 12% increase in crashes that include one distracted driver. The number of killed pedestrians up 13% and they'd say administrator says the agency is particularly focused on distracted driving, anything from using a cell phone to eating while driving. Car crashes and work zones are a fact of life around here. Just last week we lost 6 construction workers on the Baltimore beltway and after they were hit by a car, trying to change lanes. So what is the best way to protect yourself behind the wheel and those who are fixing the road The first rule is something you've been hearing since before you got your learners permit, slow down and pay attention. The chance of a pedestrian or someone on the side of the road, like a construction worker, getting killed by a car going 42 miles an hour is about 50%, but it raises to 90% just by a car going 58 mph. Washington Post reporter Justine mcdaniel has been speaking with highway experts. What if nobody else is slowing down? You should use your brakes anyway. She says, so you have more time to perceive and make decisions. One more piece of construction zone

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