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The second I have a pretty good opinion on this. I think the things that that make somebody that that impressed me people were I emission mindset. And that is the idea that you get that you've got this mission, and the people are creative, but they're driven to accomplish it you've seen it in starting small businesses whatnot. You can almost feel it when you meet someone then there's the sense of IM part of team and the point of the team the purpose of the team is to accomplish something. But my sacred responsibility is to take care of the other members of that team. And so you get somebody who isn't necessarily easy going the best soldiers. I ever saw weren't always the ones that were sitting around and joking and whatnot. In fact, they might be little diff-. Difficult to get close to. But when you're really trying to do something that's extraordinarily difficult. And sometimes requires pushing other people at pull them to do it. They are the people who stand up and accept that responsibility. And I saw time and again that proved really important in a in a difficult combat varmint. I see you. I'm sure you see this in your company's after you've had a really rough days e union comrade, you guys that you work within your business. You gotta have humor. You know? We kind of joke. Somebody comes in and steals a bunch of stuff from us or someone breaks into your business. It's not fun. You kind of get through it with humor. And you kind of have that kind of report with your team. I want to ask you there. A stanley. What kind do you have jokes kind of humor and stuffing after you had a big fight, and you kind of calms down or what kind of stuff do you talk about when you're in between combat? You're definitely engaged in combat, but it's kind of a low for a few hours, and you're in a foxhole, and you're. What kind of what kind of conversations to you? Yeah. It's interesting because first humor is very very important. And I think even when people don't feel like being funny or they don't feel like being upbeat the cultures of good military organizations is that's the way you act because that's when you're expected to act. So even things are frightening or if they're rough frustrating or you could be yet, a tendency to be a little bit despondent because you think you might loosen. There's this cultural norm that says I'm gonna act up beat. I'm gonna make jokes evidence at trial because it's infectious. Everybody knows how everybody else feels you know, you don't have nobody sits around saying. Boy, I'm scared boy, I'm really worried about this. Everybody takes a sort of tongue in cheek attitude chapter Stander stand that's video. That's every what is also frighteningly serious Sam overs tougher for you starting your business that you around the dinner. Table or jumping out playing. That's a great question. I think starting a business because jumping out of the plan with something I had expected to do as I was growing up. I wanted to be a soldier. I knew wanna be parachute trooper, and so you you just have this sense that this is another step in in my career when I left the military. I'd never thought about starting a business, and I thought, wow, it must be really hard. Because all these people who've started businesses, they must be really brighter that must be really lucky or something. So it was the unknown from it was much more unknown than anything militarily that I ever experienced capturing Saddam Hussein what was what was your role in in capturing Saddam Hussein. Were you the guy who tricked him? He said come over here. Roll capturing Saddam Hussein. That's great question. No, I was the commander of the task force. So I'm in the position of getting the credit for something that actually my people did. And so son McCain was captured like many cases, someone big..

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