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Well it's. yes yes that's right my fringe on quickly remind you of if this stuff gets you riled up one of the ways is to help the people to fight a mac is one of them. people join A. A. R. P. if they're on the left people join a mac if they're not on the left you don't even have to be on the right you just have to be normal if you could be a liberal enjoyed ever. your left is the one a a RP I don't have a a RP differs with the left from anything that might either mild but I've never seen now they do. yeah you get all these benefits in travel and in in insurance and the like sixteen dollars a year also the product or an excellent journal which you get. all of that is it Prager for a mac. eager for a mac dot com. I strongly suggest that you joined anyway it's a way of thanking them for their support for the show okay. and that's what it is pretty for a math dot com. thank you the country thanks you. the. the all of a sudden the the Democrats are concerned about the. but Ukraine. Rachael Parma sent them a letter we send them betting our instant meals. this president is actually supplied them with weapons. facts don't matter my friends facts don't matter fact matter that's why you the you want to know one of the great on the wings of the left the statement for example. for he has this whole list Frank to arrive how awful the president is. so but but he doesn't like the president personally. I'm fit amoral unsteady mail how was he a moral. was getting out of the Iran deal a moral Frank Bruno I got these people never challenged easy it's amazing thing. that's why that's why they're still unconvincing except the fellow leftists. there never challenged I'm challenged every day of my life I am challenged I even read the challenges to me on the internet wonder if he reads the comments on this etcetera uniquely New York times readers are going to challenge. amoral this is an amoral man. who the hell you Frank Bruno I to declare that the president is a moral. I can't think of anything more moral than standing up to we run on the as a president if you are one a judge's private life that we want to judge your private life on June I as I said every everyone in the media who wants a any presidential candidate Democrat or Republican.

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