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Twenty twenty one right. Because you actually. I'm actually in the midst of this. I've probably watched six hours of youtube videos. Because i'm in the market for a new bike and you made me go down like this sort of logic chain of. Yeah maybe thirty years from now. We'll think it's insane. Commercials didn't weren't instantly bible. You know what. I mean like you would go somewhere and watch all this stuff but then had to go somewhere else and then if you think about it like if you look at it through that lens like amazon and everybody else is still very much in a catalog paradigm where it's like. It's a list of items and like here's reviews and things like that. They've advanced it that way. But like the idea that your point of purchase should also be your point of education and your point of like learning the about the product and things like that it should be one place as opposed to these separate places. Yeah and catalog really is fantastic on. You're searching for something you know exactly what you wanna buy. You just want the lowest price point. Just want speed rank. There's a lot of us especially for these big ticket items. Were in the discovery mode. We don't know which e bike brand is great. I don't know which features really matter. I don't know what the battery charging. I don't know anything about to be honest. I want to know if i can fold it up. And how much is it going to you know. How hard is it to the battery out of there right. And that's what those videos are doing for me. Yes exactly exactly and so. Youtube is already a great place to discover a great products. And i'm just saying that video is a fantastic way to discover things. Have more confidence in. You're going to purchase and it also is a great place for the by you say how to folded up can demo the product right back to the infomercials that we watch ten years ago. It was all this like. This is how the george foreman grill works right. Look at what this nice can. Shop right exactly exactly demonstrations unboxing customers like forget about forget about infomercials. That's what a store used to be. Showroom was the place where you demo the product for the patheticness. Right go ahead. yeah. I remember the brixton stores and trying all their other gadgets in massages right i mean. That's what apple stores functioned as well. You know exactly exactly as i think about all that. I'm like okay for very long time. The industry was fixated on turning the television and figuring out how to make the television shop or like. How do you create the second screen experience for the television commercial. And i'm just saying we watching video content now on our computers on our phones and the television is like a monitor right to broadcast the thing that was on our computer anyways. And so you don't now need to solve things for this old television world. it's all interactive. it's all internet enable. Everything can become more shop lable and it's from a discovery standpoint also from a storytelling standpoint. So if i'm buying arts crafts. If i'm buying painting to watch the person painted in real time i have a much deeper appreciation for the product She's for my friend's daughter from her shop in store. And it's because i was watching her youtube videos of her crocheting and she's showing people how she crocheted countries. She puts out two videos a week and from that. I'm like okay if i ever need advice conscious. I'm gonna buy from alley. Because i now have a deeper affinity to her product. And so all craters with youtube following that have any kind of product. You can see how that same mentality means that they're gonna be able to move more merchandise with more product. It's the platform skilled in the right tools. And you had mentioned in china. The infrastructure is there and then of course that plugs into what we've been talking about with shop and things like that real quick one more. I don't keep you too long meeting new people again beyond just dating you even using examples of networking and mentoring and things like this. So tell me some about that because that plays into the whole idea again of this. This is social not just for people you know or not just for people who follow its for finding new people. Yeah i think inside. It's a shame that if you have specific interests it's really hard to find your tribe online to scratch. All of those is right and and again. It's all about how humans are really a multifaceted all have multiple identities. Yes i liked tag. I like studying innovation. I also collect old vintage peanuts. Comic books right like i have all these different interests that are not captured. My existing social circles. So how do i find those people. And historically i'd have to go to old form website. That's my muscles communities. Live still on these really old text based forms and saying there can be a new version of the communities and there should be new places where i can find those like minded people so we can talk about topics that were interested in when you think about someone moving into a new city. Sometimes i even ask howdy howdy need friends and sometimes people are not just wanting to meet people for dating. There's a lot of great products out there for dating and meeting new friends. But when you're looking at a for a non dating context of people who share similar interests. I still feel like that problem. Hasn't been.

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