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Probably the favorite in my eye to be rookie of the year this year. And a guy who. I think it averaged twenty points a game game. Kevin porter jr. gets a tier three designation really came on in the second. Half of the season definitely has tier three talent. I think teams are skeptical. Give that to him yet. I given the challenges that he's had off the court in the past and whether he's gonna mature to the point that he's gonna play into all star level but he's going to get the ball looks like john. Wall is not going to be in this rotation this year. They're going to try them at point guard if he thrives there point guard. Kevin puerto junior at only twenty one years old Certainly has a tier two potential apprehensive. Gum gets a tier three point five designation. I was really impressed with him in the summer league he was. Mvp of the turkish league not for young players just overall mvp of the turkish league. Last year he gets a tier three point. Five designation could end up as a tier two player. Respond garuba josh. Christopher kenyon martin junior the other young players that we're looking at some people have said. Hey where's the shaun tait on this. He's actually already twenty five years old and so It was an old rookie. And he doesn't make the cut here are right. That is ten out that is picked five through ten. Those are the teams that are ranked five through ten having the young best core under the age of twenty five. When we come back. We'll look at the future. Rankings for teams eleven through twenty including five teams. That just missed the mark by one point. We got a big tie as we go number eleven but before we do so.

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