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With Lena if we separated the teenage children thing from the game, right? Like the whole family is for me if I mean that would be the whole. But if I didn't have those concerns, I go over there in a heartbeat knowing what else is left for him to do in the NBA. That's my question. The real only thing that's left for him to do and it's not gonna happen if he stays in Miami as much as he loves Miami is to go and get in a playoff sort of situation. And I would recommend that if you do the China thing because the season is thirty eight games as you mentioned the regular seasons over in March. I don't know how angry China would be you if you left to go back to the league to sign up with an NBA playoff team, but both things are still on the table. Why would they be made like this is pro on him for the playoff run? And now mean, but by the time the NBA playoffs go, he can make this happen. We saw it as the head that lockout year over all those guys are all came back. There was room for it, but as the war, as the thing is global, like the world's getting smaller every. Else. This is something that I think we're going to see some guys consider they late in their careers like you'd think about it wouldn't be crazy of LeBron James just made a decision at the end of this Lakers contrary, oh, we'll go do something like that. And guess what? We might start paying attention to basketball games in China. If he decided to do this, there's a lot more out there than the NBA and I wonder how many guys are gonna start exploring getting later in their careers were they're basically just going on a victory lap around the world. The reason we always considered this ridiculous was because of the perceived level of leave. But now I think we all collectively understand take the basketball even out of it. If someone came to you and said, hey, do you want to be really, really popular in the world's largest and most profitable most wealthy market? You might say, yes, pretty immediately, and that's what China is sort of promising. If you want to get over that hit to the ego by saying, you played basketball in China and also never forget man. Most of these guys play for basketball teams. There. Their primary employer is the one that put shoes on feet because that's what it comes from. Joe thousand goes Seino's insult to the people at the slot machines and talking today about what's going on cigar store. Right, right, right. That what he thinks he thinks this is happening. In closing, I'd like to talk about making sure the car you get into is actually the Uber that you called and you have you have you seen this right? Don't know if I have this gentleman Mr. reef he is a defensive tackle for the university of Iowa is a backup. And I guess he called an Uber one night and he thought he was getting into front seat of the Uber, and he saw someone into front seat and so he couldn't get in the front seat of the over and he got into the back seat tried to get into the back seat of the over and we got the back seat of the Uber's when he realized that the Uber was actually a police car. Oh, no, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It was a police car, and I think he's a big dude. He probably realizes the police car. They don't really have room for six, three person back and so then legit to give him a Breathalyzer. He blew over a point two zero which is wold. I was going to ask how drugs you have to be not knowing. Point, two zero zero point two, and then he wound up getting arrested. He is now the suspended for the first game of the season for I will. And I just wanna say this one more time. He thought the cop car was the Uber. And all I'm saying is is to America's baby because there's two kinds of cars out here, cop cars and not cop. 'cause I can tell a Cup car, even if it doesn't have course still owning right? You learn how to do whatever it is. I never going to be so jacked up that I can't tell what a cop car..

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