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Offenses he can lead a cow upstairs but not down fax WBZ found out the hard way Boston's news radio all right seven twelve here in Boston on a Monday morning all of a sudden and we get traffic problems we'll get to those in just a minute first we've got sports problems to Adam Kaufman is here and voice is still tough to take it's not gonna go away for awhile feature it's a traffic problems trying to get over the ends exactly and halted stop sign after stop sign twenty three sixteen sep back for the pants in Foxboro to the chiefs a rare second straight loss for New England which snapped a twenty one game home winning streak this one to find by controversy bats beard on their way to scoring touchdowns twice on a single possession but both times play was of that before they could reach the end zone the first one's fine Gilmore had a bunch of open turf after recovering a turnover but there was doubt as to whether it was a turnover so play was stopped pants did get the ball then the other to kill Harry appear to score touchdown but he was ruled out of bounds it wasn't bad settle for a field goal on that drive ultimately impacted their final drive of the night when a field goal otherwise would have been good enough instead they failed to score TD and lost much like after that loss to the cheese five years ago Tom Brady's group on the Cincinnati which got one try to play better and and try to win you know next week's game so disappointing but not not feel sorry for self try to go back to work and do a better job sorry will feel sorry for you ravens also topped bills twenty four seventeens that dropped the pats game back in the a FC just few games left in the regular season and playoffs are comments gonna leave a mark isn't it yeah for a little bit matic often WBZ Boston to right now Adam this tough day already on the roadways and why not because it's a a wet Monday morning let's get out there right now with David stressful enough it's the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three's a terrible day for the expressway north on an hour and fifteen minutes Braintree to Boston a crash along the way near no potted circle even bad on the southbound side backed up from Freeport street to Squantum street where a car spun out of the middle lane on route three north bound is heavy and slow between two twenty eight and the expressway for the latest on the downtown area we get them out for insurance road report it was already bad enough but ninety three southbound which is now jam back in the stone on but now I've got a crash around route sixteen in Medford children widgeon down calling from Rivera back around right sixteen over toward the Charles town said the summer titled back to the airport road way Ted Williams tunnel westbound backed up in the login Christian act into law freight insurance rotor parts west of the city on two ninety spot a multi car crash in the left lane before four ninety five it's backed up more than two and a half miles there on four ninety five self on a two car crash as well as multiple breakdowns near route sixty two David Struff Pelino WBZ traffic on the roadways this Monday morning here in Boston and more rain on the way to forty three degrees right now we'll get to the mid fifties this afternoon this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop we're gonna go from the spring time temperatures right back into the middle of winter by the middle of this week sixties tomorrow thirties on Wednesday and this rain system's going.

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