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86 at BWI in 84 at dulles. It's 7 40. The Senate has approved a major bill to ramp up computer chip production, supporters say it will create new jobs and usher in a new era of American innovation. Mitchell Miller has more from Capitol Hill. This is one of the most significant long-term thinking bills we've passed in a very long time. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, hailing the legislation, which provides $52 billion for the semiconductor industry and scientific research. Schumer says over time, the bill has the potential to create millions of jobs, and will help address supply chain issues that have made it more difficult to buy various products, including new cars, and the democratic leader think members of both parties for the bipartisan achievement. These are moments when the Senate is at its very best. The legislation is expected to be taken up by the house later this week. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO, B news. Nude this evening, I do twist in the Senate drama that's involved democratic leaders in West Virginia senator Joe Manchin, Manchin says he and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer have reached an agreement on new economic legislation. The democratic lawmaker says it would include energy costs, climate change, and deficit reduction. They deal would also include lowering prescription drug prices, which has been a big priority for Democrats. Any legislation would need to be passed through budget reconciliation, meaning all 50 Democrats would need to support it since a bill would be opposed by Republicans, the Senate is set to go on recess after next week. A West Virginia man accused of assaulting police during the insurrection last January, including officer Brian sicknick, who later died, pleaded guilty to misdemeanors today, and I should say that insurrection, of course, was January of 2021. 40 year old George teneo appeared for a virtual hearing in federal court, along with co defendant Julian cater, the Morgantown man pleaded guilty to entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds and to orderly I'm sorry and to disorderly and disruptive conduct unrestricted grounds. He will be sentenced in December. Cater has yet to enter a plea, officer sicknick died of natural causes following multiple strokes the day after then president Trump's supporters stormed the capitol. 7 42 and nearly 20 year veteran of the Maryland House of delegates is in trouble with the law tonight over state money. Republican delegate Richard in polaria representing parts of Baltimore and Hartford counties is charged by the state prosecutor with multiple counts of misconduct in office, theft and embezzlement. He's accused of facilitating rental payments from the General Assembly to his personal landlord using funds for district office, which was outside his district. The prosecutor also alleges that the General Assembly wound up paying on average double the amount of rent on him Polaris district office than any other tenant in the community. Particularly on WTO P news. The suspect in the deadly suburban Chicago 4th of July parade shooting has been indicted on dozens of new charges. 117, felony counts, including murder and attempted murder. That is what Robert krimo the third now faces in the shooting that left 7 people dead and more than 30 wounded on July 4th in highland park, Illinois. He had initially been charged with 7 counts of murder, prosecutors say the 21 year old suspect admitted to the parade shooting, cremo is to be arraigned on the new charges next Wednesday. Jennifer Kuiper CBS News Chicago coming up on WTO P and Nats and Dodgers wrap up their series in the West Coast and football back in Ashburn today, Frank hanrahan will join us in sports. It's 7 43. Hi

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