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A salary cap era have been so dominant for so long with so many changing pieces that's why to me it's the most dominant in the most popular sport in america i went with the spurs to because it's on the nba stages to professional stage they've won with so many different players since one thousand nine hundred nine no disrespect to yukon but when you think of women's basketball you just think of yukon now there's been other teams that have been good some of the pat summitt teams have been great you look at some teams this year amash the national championship game we'll be playing the women's side they don't have a lot of losses combined between the two teams it's under five so there's been some good competition but when you think of the sport you only think of the yukon huskies when you think of football if you take a break you can think of pay demanding ben rothlisberger antonio brown when you think of the spurs there's other names that you think of in the sport like lebron paul pierce it is over the years kobe bryant steve nash jason kidd so on and so and you can get so many pliers the yukon stage it's just the reality of the sport not too many people out to you know the players the coach geno auriemma so for me on the stage the popularity of the competition i just think it's the pats on the spurs to and the huskies three and the yukon runs been phenomenal eleven national titles since nineteen ninety four six undefeated seasons including the postseason from start to finish and a bunch of other in the regular season it's remarkable the standard but to me just the pats and the spurs are on a different a little scale do you agree with all what i said yemen look at it this way how many how many nfl teams are doing this in this area with the hard cap and the quarter of.

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