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Or 53, the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes is sponsored by Toyota of Braintree, and we go to David, said Ronnie, What's happening out there? David, Everything's empty and all pretty quickly still have some long delays from up north of Madison. 95 Colbun slow over 10 miles from before the bridge in Kittery, right down to the Hampton Tolls. You'll come off the brakes, and it's slow from Seabrook down to 4 95 names, right? 93 Colbun is looking good through Concord now down through the right down to the hooks that told no delays Route 11 westbound that earlier crash in Exeter that's cleared No delays left behind there at west on the pick. Eastbound still heavy 84 In past the child Service Plaza. Westbound side of the bike you'll see easily is getting past 2 90 through auburn. Just minor ones. 84 eastbound still back very heavy from route 20 through Stourbridge up to the pike for 95 cell phone empty out as well. Just a minor delay 62 down 2 to 90. Up north for 95 South Bend gets heavy before and after we won 25 through behavioral further south the gym over a mile down to a crash before 1 19 in Littleton, 1 28 northlands looking good 1 28 south beyond heavy 95 people down to the core belief 93 is looking good from now. The New Hampshire State line Right down into town and 93 90 at exit 21 for route 38 Mystic Avenue is closed till five AM tomorrow morning. Route One cell phone slows to run the Linfield Tunnel down Route 99 in Saugus. David said Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes. AccuWeather's Bob Larson is the four day forecast warm and humid tonight partly cloudy, the first part of this evening and a couple of showers and thunderstorms late tonight. What was 68.

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