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That's wasn't talk them eight cents. It makes logical sense. They are bigger faster smarter than you in almost all fucking types of physicality. I'm just sorry. You're gonna get your ass be unless you're Khanna McGregor. And then you probably have a funding chance against Bieb because he got that booty beat so fucking word of advice to everybody who wants to talk shit to talking JP, Jordan pig. Verd- Wayne, Rooney fucking your boy, Lord Benton. Don't because they will hurt you. They can I think Lord bend air was just drunk and assaulted a taxi driver, though, that's still fucking hurting someone that's fair. Okay. I it wasn't like the taxi driver was talking shit. It wasn't like like you could have been really something at arsenal. Like now. Now, I know you would say that the Lord Ventner and no frequently get that out for this. Not I would be terrified. So. Yeah. Shot the Jordan Pickford, Mr. red cherry face looks like this is England love him. All right. We have the pope in our, you know, headlines. Martin the pope pope pope Francis. Fuck I'm Catholic this is bad Pope Benedict as Benedict pope Francis. I was right addict. She endorsed Vader. Isn't that eggs eggs? Fuck with some eggs Benedict, Wayne, I is that like why it's called that? Because it's white. And it has like, ooh, we know. I'm all right, anyway, the came out and said who waited on the goat conversation more in declare that Lino messy is not God, which Gary Lineker replied with. No. But thankfully, he does exist. So nice. Gary I would like to say first off. I'm not sure if the pope has spoken of God. I'm sure he's said he has. But I do want to say I have seen Lionel Messi with the ball between his legs over a certain amount of time never seen. God. I have never seen. God dribble a ball. So I don't know what his first touch looks like you laugh. I'm seeing God. It's rinaldo. I walked right into it. Like a suicide pass by me. Alley oop me up. Kevin rates setup. Great unknowing setup. One on one with the keeper right there. Fuck me. All right, whatever. So. Yeah. The pope wants to get on it wanted to be relevant. Instead of like, you know, probably talking about like more Schwartz shins and sh Martian Ville, and you know. This is the pope or said he's letting dogs into heaven says said dogs can go into heaven. Oh, he also said like aliens are cool he'd baptize them. So. Yeah. So shocked with this honesty, and he he's genuinely not too far off about the no messy that man is God like on the pitch. I if y'all haven't gone a chance to watch the Villarreal versus Barcelona highlights go watch that shit. Go watch his chip from the weekend. And that will make you believe in a higher power because that is out of this world talent that in is just stupid good. Yeah. He's dude. His I saw his stats today. And I was like this is fucking like I wish you could say that our word again, you know, how you say about mentally disabled people, but I know anymore, and I'm not gonna say it. But like, I think I like is one of those things like I almost said out loud. Like, that's writ like. I I needed clarification there. No, no, no. What I'm saying? You know what I'm saying? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah..

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