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Star wars creator. Yeah all that stuff right A month after marin county which is where he lived that residents protested to block him from building a movie studio on his ranch. His property wanted to build movie studio up there A month after that. He responded with a new proposal k. Wants to build a movie studio and they said I don't think so fella so said all right. I'll tell you what i'll put some low income housing here instead. I'm wondering. Do you think that is a dick move. But he wants to build the movie studio and the residents up there standing in his way saying no. You're not going to do that. And so he said all right. Well i guess what i'll do is i'll put in low income housing instead get the last laugh and suddenly they stop caring so much about the movie studio. Do you think that's a dick move or not. I do strategic move. No did move to block him from using the land once in a while he wants to addict move on on lucas parts. Well we can do whatever he wants with it. It's his property so it's not a dick move to use the poor's as a pawn. Get what he wants if he actually builds low income housing. Did he build a movie studio. He used the poor's as a pawn to get what he wanted. I'm asking if that's a dick move. No all right. Chris boyer says no so therefore i say yes. God help if you agree with them. I even day right. Actually when it comes to. Who's being a dick. Do see how he used the poor's as a pawn manipulation. Yes exactly to get what he wanted. Ultimately yep right. my. Boris is not dick move. Emily says yesterday. But what are they chainsaw. Yes it's a dick move and had a righteously dick mu righteous dick search in the name of my new band days.

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