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It's also the first hearing aid that Khun Detective, the person has fallen and send alerts to specific contacts for help. To learn more about this amazing new technology called the Audible location Nearest you to schedule your free hearing test or goto hearing NC dot com. Remember with Auto Bell, You always have a 45 day risk free trial has foot pain. Change your lifestyle. Hi, I'm Jonathan Cotton with a good feed store and I love long distance running Yet a few years ago, the pain in my feet was debilitating. I tried new shoes and drugstore cushions with no results. Finally, I went into the good feed store and found the answer personally fit arch supports. They helped so much. I ran my first marathon that year. Then because I believed in the good feed system so much I bought the store. Come see us at the good feed Store in Raleigh, Maken. Appointment today at good feet dot com. From the one of 61 FM Talk newsroom I'm Kyle Wilson. A manhunt is underway for the suspect charged in the fatal shooting of a five year old boy. President Trump says his payroll tax cut will have no effect on Social Security, said he would instead fund the nation's retirement system from the General fund. And rioting has spread to Chicago. Windows smashed and stores looted last night along the magnificent mile more news at the top and bottom of each hour on one of six wan FM. From the JD surface Now. Plumbing heating air conditioning. Traffic center slow go. 40 westbound were heavy.

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