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But the am Bishen comes second to be the God. So if I say, my main ambition is to help this guy win, my second one is to be am bishops than I have to say, you know, what helping this person win cancels out my emission, I dislocated on and help them win. That's the most important one. And then the third is be positive. And we actually say, you know, there's a sentence behind each of these positive. We say an almost every situation we see the bright side. And I put the word almost in. Because if a tree falls on top of the office. I don't want somebody walk in and go on some night. There are certain reasons. Yeah. So they have to be in rank order, Ken Blanchard. Talks about Disney parks core values and their their first core value is safety. Right. And then they have courtesy. So if I'm being courteous to a customer, and I hear somebody screaming I need to stop being courteous to this customer and go with the primary value of safety. So really your core values are informing how people should live within the workplace. They're incredibly important. You know, I want to touch on something and then we'll move on. But I want to touch on what I think is a reality. And that some people struggling with looking at their business a lot of small business owners, you know, you know, where audience, well, so let's just pick plumber electrician or some type of trade. Okay. Now you and I can sit there and come up with eight reasons why that company matters tremendously. Yes. But I think some small businessmen and women they have a struggle going as the leader as maybe the owner. How does this matter that much nobody really brags on us somebody talks about us? We sell windows or whatever. It is how do they overcome this idea that well it having hard time coming up with? Why what everybody else doing matter so much? Well, let's talk about just a mission statement for a plumber Michika plumber might be we, you know, I don't know we help fix people's pipes or whatever. But I would actually come with something much better than that. I would say we fix people's plumbing and east attention of having a stranger in their home. Yeah. You should I just that actually motivates very different behavior. Yes. Our dishwasher went out two days ago, and we called six different plumbers. None of them could get to it till Monday. My sister is visiting town. We got dishes pun about any. We have ten people coming over for dinner tonight all family, and we need a dishwasher. So my sister who's a miracle worker found somebody sixty five year old man comes into our house, and my wife immediately falls in love with us guys the sweetest nicest guy, he says, look, it's actually he's brutally on. Honest. He says this is a three dollar part that they're charging us about two hundred fifty dollars for and I have to Mark it up. You can actually get a new dishwasher for about two hundred dollars more than what I'm charging. We can have it installed. It's five hundred bucks to fix this. And I just want to be brutally us. It's actually three dollar problem that because this this this is what we have to charge. He's brutally honest. And my wife said, I'll get the checkbook, you know, because I don't want this being a landfill. You're telling me it's going to last another five years, and it would cost me another two hundred dollars to replace it. And we don't have a dishwasher, and he said, well, I just wanted you to know everything that we know. Right. You think we're calling him again -absolutely? I'm an telling every until store you just entree leadership. That's right. And I don't know what their core values are. But my guess is one of them in that culture. Right. Is honest. That's right. They are honest with the customer, they consider them partners and solving their plumbing problems. Yeah. And we'll go again here is we had a similar story. Big giant planner falls off the front of the house. Middle of winter rips off five pieces of siding, my houses exposed can't get anybody out there..

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