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Patriots and of course I'm talking about Nikhil Harry and Harry getting traded to Chicago for a 2024 7th round pick. What a return for Nikhil Harry. Yes, you had the appropriate response to the return on that trade. I mean, look, our long regional nightmare is over, you know, Nikhil Harry has finally gone, of course everybody was like, oh, I wanted him gone around the draft. Yeah, that happens when you actually have a market when you have a marketable player who might be wanted by other people and obviously looking at the return. It doesn't get much worse than a 7th round pick two years out. I mean, that is literally use footballs in return. And for the Patriots to get that for a player, they drafted in the first round. Yes, it was the last pick in the first round. Is certainly disturbing and disappointing. I don't know how you feel about a Nick, but to me, this Nikhil Harry pick lack of development, all that stuff. It's even more disappointing when you put it into context that, you know, when he was drafted, they were really looking for targets for Tom Brady. And to really boost the offense a bit and also keep Tom Brady happy and it would have been great if Nikhil Harry was like Dion branch 20 years later or something like that. And obviously that didn't happen. And again, he's one of those draft picks that when you look at where the Patriots are personnel wise in the amount of money they've had to expend at the position. I mean, look at look at wide receiver. I mean, last year they had to sign Nelson Aguilar and Kendrick Bourne. This year they had to trade for devonta Parker. And that's what happens when you don't hit on top 40 top 60 draft picks like the Patriots went through for a while. And so, you know, disappointing in many respects, but the one benefit is they pick up a $1 million in cap space by trading him instead of releasing him.

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