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The manager of public information and marketing for will Rogers world airport and recently, they announced a new expansion that will add more gates and other interesting things it's about an eighty nine million dollar expansion. Is that right? Karen? That is correct. So get me all excited about this. Yeah. I'll get to excited about all the construction you're going to encounter when he start coming to the airport. You know, many of us have been around long enough that we remembered the last expansion that we did. And it was completed in two thousand six and believe it or not we that was mostly an aesthetic improvements. You know, we did expand every all the building. But we only ended up with one new gate additional gate than what we had previously. So as as our air service continues to grow and the airlines we get more airlines more flights. We we basically are out of airline gates. So that's kind of what drove the decision for making this expansion because we want to be able to accommodate any airline and their needs new or existing carrier hair. So that was really the the driving force for the expansion. So we are adding four new gates. That's probably the one of the biggest things three of those will be airline gates. In other words, we'll lease them to an air carrier and the fourth one will be an airport gate and an airport gate. We use for charters we use for you know, diversions we get a lot of those in Oklahoma City that kind of thing. Additionally, we will be doing a new security checkpoint. It's almost hard for any of us to imagine that TSA did not exist at one point. But when we went through the last expansion project when we approve the plans and awarded the contract TEFA had not even been stood up yet. So the checkpoints have never really conform to what TSA needs, and and just flowing traffic, and that kind of thing so that's a really big issue that we're going to address in this project. And then I think one of the last things that I'm really excited about and I know a lot of people are because there there are a lot of people in your. Audience remember coming out in the old terminal building with an observation tower being? Yeah. Being able to go up and and watch planes, and when we did the last expansion that went away primarily because of budget reasons, but we kind of justified it with vac that oh everybody can go into the concourse. Well, we know that that is changed and you can't do that without a ticket. So we are going to have a space where if you are a non ticketed passenger if you're just coming out to pick somebody up or if you just wanna come out and watch planes. We're going to have an area where you can go and do that without a ticket. So we're really excited about that. Oh, that'll be fun. You're right. I remember when my daughter was very young we watch the planes and stuff, and well, that's delightful. Now, I saw report that you're going to expand the airport by several thousand hundred thousand feet. About one hundred and forty nine thousand square feet of new construction and you'll have the gates and then you'll have the gate where will the observation tower. Be will it be above something that's current or over the New York? No. And it will be over the new part. So we'll have a big huge lobby area that will be in front of the the security checkpoint that will be one place where you can enter enter there will be a stairwell there in that lobby. And then the other place will be we are taking the existing checkpoints that we have right now. And turning them into what we call meter greeter lounges places where you can go wait for your passengers. I'm sure you've all been out there had to stand at the top of the escalator. And is everybody's trying to see their their loved ones come out, the the excellent, but they will have big huge area. And there will be another stairwell there that you can go up to the observation area. So there will actually be to access points to that observation area, and it will not only look out onto the airfield. But you'll also be able to look down into the concourse area. So that's kind of fun as well. Oh, wow. That's going to be beautiful, isn't it? Yeah. Is it going to the architecture of similar to what is there? Now. Absolutely. I think that was one of the goals that we wanted to make sure that the new space was complementary to the architecture of the existing. So I think that's one it it it should be it should look like. Existing building. But it will have some new elements that will still be complementary, for example, we're putting in Toronto instead of tile, but they will complement the existing towel at some point. We'll probably replace all of the tile in the building. But right now Toronto, but we still have this native stone. We will still have the would warm wood paneling and certain areas that kind of thing, and you know, the landscaping is really beautiful when you when you arrive home and you're coming out to get on the giddy up. Landscaping is is really beautiful. So yeah, I'm excited about that. And two years out of our lives. Have you started yet we have? And I think if you if you came out two weeks ago or three weeks ago and come out now, it's going to be quite a bit different. You're going to see a lot of construction walls one renovation piece that we're doing that's actually taking place in the ticket lobby. We have a center elevator. That goes from the tunnel level all the way up to the ticket lobbying ticket lobby level. And we're actually pushing that out to the front of the building. So that there's more circulation space. So there's construction walls there. There's construction walls at the end of the east end of the building we've walled off the old secure east security checkpoints. So you're gonna see a lot of wall's going up and probably within a week or so you can start hearing noise. A lot of ExCo. Ovation and things like that exciting. Okay. We have a minute left. What about relied D R? Where's the like we were moving forward? We still you know, we Oklahoma's on a month of a year to year extension. So we know we're good until October of this year. But our understanding is the state of Oklahoma is moving toward compliance. So we feel pretty confident that we'll get that final extension and October two thousand nineteen so for now, you're good. We'll probably at the end of the summer will be regrouping and trying to let people know if they need to be getting a passport or something like that. Okay. And pre check. How do you become part of pre check pretexts great. You need to go to the TSA website. You can now there's actually an Office Depot and the south side of Oklahoma City where you can go in and get your in interview and fingerprints. But Preregister online kind of how they do it. So you get all your documentation information. And then you bring your documentation to one of two locations and oklahom-. City and it saves you a lot of time. You don't have to take your shoes off or your laptop out of the bag. It's awesome. It is awesome. Karen Carney is the public information manager for marketing and information at will Rogers world airport. Happy Easter to you. And thank you so much for your time. Thank you Glen. I appreciate it. Always great to talk to you..

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