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Seven seven from abc news this is perspective closer look at the league's top stories and the stories you may have missed i'm sherry preston coming up ordinary people overcoming extraordinary circumstances i kardashians this week a judge in california ordered a restraining order against rob kardashian after he posted explicit images of his former fiancee lap china on social media firm all your calls it revenge warne abc's lindsey data's spoke with the victim after being the target of her she saw online attack last week i would like the first and foremost bank digitize fred grantsinaid this restraining order reality star model black china vindicated in court a restraining order granted against rob kardashian the father of her eightmonthold baby dream incident that started it all china's former fiancee three old kardashian posted personal and graphic images of china without her permission on social media accusing her of cheating on him and using his money instagram has since shut down his account and china has denied all allegations i was devastated and i'm looking at this like how call somebody to me and i was very fair focus on like if you could do is what else could you possibly do kardashian social media firestorm started off with a video china's sent him at her kissing another man why did you send rob a video of liu with another man if somebody keeps poking actual poking natural poking actual keeps poking at you you're visually you're going to pot and so i was just i maybe if i full video for him then held his lee will now is there any truth in key things that you were still too gather at the time is that possible that that says explanation i guess for lashing out in this way will not allow more rob we have actually been broken up since december the china's new attorney lisa bloom says it doesn't matter when china broke up with car dashing she says either way what he did by sending those revealing photos i was illegal an act of revenge poor in california revenge porn is a crime a civil wrong and a form of domestic abuse all three it doesn't matter that you may have given the picture privately to someone voluntarily that doesn't mean you consent to have it be posted on the internet for all the world to say after court a risk sponsor from rob mr huhne's be.

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