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By rebranding as Chiquita Brands International. And they also used significant political contributions to influ to influence international trade policies. Some European governments were replacing these really heavy tariffs on bananas from the Americas to help. Keep plantations and trade in their own former colonies in Africa in the east afloat You know where more of their own influential citizens had financial interests. Time Magazine later reported that the CEO of Chiquita dispensed so much cashed politicians here in America that the Clinton administration was ready to mount a global trade war on his behalf. This wouldn't be resolved until two thousand one and Chiquita would sued the EU over these tariffs. More investigation by the press would lead to a 1998 Cincinnati Enquirer expose 'anche Keita's use of worker rights repression A harmful pesticides, bribery and all kinds of nasty political dealings in Honduras and Columbia. The company would never challenge the facts, but this still causes a huge mess. Uh, that the company's shareholders sued the company for losses. The company sues the newspaper for maybe illegally obtaining answering machine tapes. The the court forces the paper to fire the reporters and apologize. Have they have to fire the reporters? Uh, Phil Roe the guy we mentioned earlier who invented the goldfinger banana in Honduras, hung himself in his banana fields in two thousand one hole. Um, in two thousand three Adriatic research lab focused on bananas, opened in Uganda, looking to build a better banana genetically speaking. And in two thousand seven that Dole was sued by a worker's rights group in wound up paying out two point five million dollars. Yes. They are now suing of the makers of a documentary called bananas for defamation. Oh, yes. And Chiquita allegedly has a secret lab for they will tell anybody that they're working on what? Yes. Supposedly, there's goodness I forget where it's supposed to be, but yeah, Costa Rica, baby yapping. So Yeah. Anyway, it's MIT babies dress at Park. Who Avenue? Traffic Park of bananas. Okay. Hi. Well, That is oh yeah. Yeah, There we go, Hey, hey, we get here. We go through that. We did, Yeah. And, um, it's a lot We have to edit out a lot. Yeah. Um, but hopefully that gives you kind of a good overview of banana history of the banana history and, uh, you know, cut a leading into where it is today. I don't believe from what I've read, that conditions have necessarily improved Now. And that, but hopefully knowing is at least half part of the battle. Yeah. And hate you can make a really good A quick quick bread fruit based quick bread from bright pairs. Yeah, Yeah. Now you can. Yeah. You didn't know more banana bread. It's fine. Yeah Roswell. We gotta do the research on payers. Oh no. Oh addi. But I have upbeat thing to end on. Yeah. Um. So I was curious about some banana savings and banana humor. Uh, the first being That's bananas and the contacts meaning crazy, right. Um, okay. So in nineteen 35 Albon J Pollick published the underworld speaks, which was a book meant to help the FBI agents because gangsters by their speech patterns were choice. All That Jazz. Uh, It includes this definition for its bananas. He's sexually perverted, a degenerate. Hm. Historians think this might be because of the bent shape of bananas. Okay. And bench itself was slang for illegal or stolen at the time? Okay. The slaying definition meaning crazy seems to have been coined in the '60s but really took off in the 70s This could either be a reference to banana oil which was a slang term for the from the 1920s meaning nonsense are persuasive talk like snake oil or it may have been a take on go 8th. Have, um, it also could have been from British soldiers slaying out of the early 1900s meaning spoiled or a rotten. Oh yeah. Top Banana meaning the leader of an organization or group Um, this phrase originated in the early 1900s and applied specifically to comedian legend has it that it's a reference to burlesque comedian Frank Lee Bowitz whose show included handing out a banana to the leading performer after a punchline. Uh, this act with so well known by the 1950s the term took on the more general meaning and spawned second, But at a meeting supporting actor or comedian, which is a great segway into our next bit. Vanana humor banana bananas are I mean aside from all of the littoral facts about them intrinsically hilarious, yes. There the source of a lot of jokes and um, off cursing on my And while playing Mario carts 64. Uh, the first instance of some poor Saad slipping on a banana peel that we know of is in the 1917 silent film The flirt for maximum clarity. It was a waiter carrying a trio food. And he got fired immediately. Oh yeah Sesame streets, banana phone, debuted in nineteen 69. A banana stuck in the tailpipe of a police car was a joke in 1984 Beverly Hills cops. The banana stanch from the arrested Davila others always money in the banana stand. Yeah. And I am a banana came out and two thousand nine I'm not going to explain it. But to those of you that know what I'm talking about. There you go. I didn't know what it was, but it was included and I looked it up and I'm like, why is this thing? Nonetheless, it is a thing. I I'll have to look it up myself later. Our don't or a whole. Okay. Let's perfect. That is our for that episode, highly requested. I hope that, um, I hope you enjoyed it. Yeah. Uh, I hope I hope it. I hope it taught you many things about America imperialism and industry, which actually is a great segway into our first listener LA frequent writer Gehlsen does this know about garlic. I watched an episode in a new Netflix documentary series called a rotten. This particular episode that I watch was about garlic and how China some companies force prisoners to do nothing but peel garlic for long hours every single day. Some of the prisoners had lost their fingernails. I didn't quite understand that had something to do with how they hand-peel the garlic without any protective equipment, like gloves, etc. And they would peel garlic with their teeth. I was totally grossed out by this and am skeptical now appeal garlic you find in joy. Ars in stores, I'm only using fresh garlic straight from the ball from now on that did pop up in my feed like right after we did this, the garlic episode. Yeah, I haven't seen it mini. The um, definitely worth looking into. Yeah, end. Definitely someone on Instagram. I don't think it was gale. Uh, also recommended that episode, So Okay, Yeah. This other one is from another frequent writer, Jenny about our McDonald's episode. I studied for semester in Moscow in 1993 I was living in a dormitory on the outskirts of town, And we only learned upon arrival that there was no cafeteria. Instead, we had poorly equipped kitchen on our floor, and we had to fend for ourselves, which I guess led us to have the full experience of living in Russia. The McDonald's near the Kremlin was a forty minute metre right away And my classmates, and I would visited at least once a week for the meat. Seriously, none of us were really able to cook meat a we had heard that McDonald's had set up a big pharma outside of Moscow to supply the McDonald's, which was why the food their tasted. So much more delicious and. Fresh than the McDonald's at home, whether it really tasted better or whether home-sickness tricked us into thinking this. I do not know what I do know is that this, McDonald's had a very different vibes from the ones in the US First, it was huge clean and probably had more than a dozen cashier stations. People shut up there to eat in their finest clothes. And it was really expensive during the fall of 1993 inflation was crazy in Russia. When I arrived in September one US dollar was equal to about one thousand rubles when I left in December a dollar equaled around five thousand rubles I took five hundred dollars cash with me to Russia a spending money for food travel incidentals and even with the lack of a cafeteria and my dormitory, I still left the country with money and a suitcase full of souvenirs. If that gives you an idea of the state of the economy. If memory serves Abe Big Mac was around one thousand rubles super cheap for me But super expensive for the average Russian I have never really had an urge to return to Russia. However, I still occasionally crave the specific burgers. And milkshakes. And also, uh, shut out to render listener centers in, um, photos of the hampered university. Yeah, McDonald's on. We're going for some, their awesome armies, amazing artwork that fits in there. All I can't wait, so weird. Yeah. Yeah. What will will figure out weird? Probably Facebook maybe. Yeah, Yes. So thanks to ran an Janney and kale and all the other listeners who have sent as messages and you can send a message to our email is foodstuff at how stuff works dot com. We're also on social media like Facebook on Facebook and Twitter, we are at foodstuff HSW over an Instagram were at foodstuff We hope to hear from you. Thank you so much to our art sit in recorder. Paul also our producer, Dillon Fagan, and we hope let's Morgan Things are coming your way.

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