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40 Niners play by play Man in the host a pre and post Greg Papa and John Lund continues here among your Google home. Smart speaker by seeing playing King and me are Happy Friday. We will try to be fully engaged on the show today. Even though we're off Monday, we wouldn't do that to you. You are half ass if we just put it cut out at noon. Wants to go afternoon delight your donorship. Well, what I say goes once I start drinking. It all goes downhill from there. So you know, once you start drinking, devastating down, that's true. I don't know how they how they phrased it when you don't stop anyway. Let's talk to Pedro Gomez. He is one of our favorite people, and there's a lot of stuff going on Madison Bumgarner is pitching on Saturday. Arizona Cardinals very soon and just overall, we just like to doctor that Pedro Gomez, ESPN the judge's courtesy, the enemy guessing. How are you? I am well, but boy, if he's pitching for the Arizona Cardinals, we do have a story. I said that too fast and I was coming to town and the Niners are playing the earth. Oh, sorry, Puss. Come on, You know it's Leeds. Tio Gomez, darling. How are you, Gregory? Ah, who would have had a better major league career? Had he played Cuyler Murray. Madison Bumgarner. There. You are, right, Pedro. That I.

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