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Your clothes in. You need debate. And I think that Sapphire was just self conscious about taking a shower at the arena in front of Sherry I. That's the only thing that we could we could think of. And I remember Liz trying you know trying to mediate that a little bit She asked me to mediate. It wasn't getting involved in then Sherry took it upon herself. Said you're not gonNA shower. I'm GonNa get you in the shower Sherry drug her into the shower interns shower on and proceeded to help her bathe. I don't know the name of I don't remember what town it was in. I can picture the I can picture the backstage picture. The locker room wherever they remember. Liz coming over to a randy and I were dresses. You guys got to get in here and stop Sherry and it's like was. She's got Sapphire in the shower. She's turned the shower on his basically giving Sapphire shower. Randy and I looked each other. You weren't exactly. Do you expect us to do what do you? What do you want to go in there and fight Sherry So Jack Lanza. Who was the agent went in and and calm things down and everything was good after. I mean like they got the card. They were fine that night but it was One eighty got new gear and change your gear and wash from point going forward. Look when you're in the car with somebody and you're in the ring with overnight and they're not taking care of their hygiene it it. It can be rough Sherry briefly goes to smoky mountain. Wrestling Helps Tracy smothers for this feud with Brian Lee. And Tammy Sich of course we know it's going to be the future sunny just a wrestles. Jim Cornell and a few inter-gender matches long from that And then she goes. Dc W ninety three. She managed to Shane Douglas. There she turns on Douglas in a tag match with Brian. Pitman COSTING DOUGLAS. The match on behalf of Rick Flair and At the November to remember on November Thirteenth Sherry loses the Q. and She winds up finding an opportunity in nineteen ninety-four to work with Gary Juster at a WCW television typing and then quickly. It's an opportunity to sign with the company so it's pretty cool that she bounces back The next year she's on TV. She makes her television debut. Wcw On the April twenty third edition of Saturday. Night she sensuous Sherri here. She can't be sensational. Sherri and her goal in an interview with jeans she says is to find a man that can bring her the world title and she sitting ringside for a world title match with Ric Flair and Barry Windham Eventually we see that she's got staying face paint. It looks like she's going to be with staying unification match up between himself and Ric flair. Of course it's a double cross Famously she takes a huge bump From staying in this match. But at the end of the night she's aligned with the nature boy ric flair as a great time managing him then the Harlem Heat Fast forward to the end and she is relieved of her duties in July. Nineteen ninety-seven seven. Did you see any of her run in? Wcw A little bit. But when I say a little bit very little You know a lot of it. In my opinion of what I did see was rehash other than the stuff. She did with Harlem. He which I did enjoy and I thought that that was some pretty entertaining. Stuff thought Sherry brought the best out of those guys and made them even more unique tag team and made them stand apart from the crowd But beyond that. I really really didn't pay that much attention to it and I was. I was in contact with Sherry. Probably every three or four months. Just say see how she was doing and you know by your time and I think that will get to a point where we can get back well ultimately it never happened and we'll talk about all that but there was a noticeable decline in her appearance where you wondered if she okay on WCW it was it was visible even back then at least to me in my opinion in early ninety nine. She's in a mixed tag match for the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship Missy Hyatt would pin cherry to win the title that's Real In October of ninety nine. She's only now infamous heroes of wrestling pay per view. She's GonNa Managed Greg Valentine against George the Animal Steele. He's also in ninety nine. Going to be awarded. The Awa Superstars Women's Championship in two thousand. She pops up. Wcw for three appearances. The first of which is sold out two thousand she's watching Ringside Crispin. Wa Beats said vicious to win the world title She's also on the January nineteenth edition of Thunder. She's got a match with Medusa where she would lose in her last appearance and WCW she would have a match with Mona the future molly holly she would also lose she pops back up the WBF. Two thousand five where she famously takes part in a pretty interesting little piece of business were Shawn Michaels and Kurt. Angle are getting ready for the Wrestlemainia 21-match I thought this was great stuff. Man whose idea was this and until everybody about the storyline best. I remember. It was all Brian de words Thought about looking back at their past and who in Shawn's pass could come back in you know? Be a thorn in his side so the idea was sensational sherri would be perfect. It was a nice way to open the door for Sherry to put her foot back in and get that exposure and it was a little bit of a test to see. Can she still go? Can she still do it? Is there something more that we could utilize because as a performer? She always been very versatile and this was an opportunity to maybe use Oliver Talents. I don't think that she had the shouldn't have to snap in the pep the she used to have. It happens this episode of smackdown. She's singing the parody of Shawn Michaels theme with Kurt Angle Angle puts her in the ankle. Great stuff that set up the WRESTLEMAINIA 21-match fast forward a WRESTLEMANIA. Twenty two and that weekend she goes in the wwe hall of fame claiming her rifle spot. It's unfortunate that The WBZ was not on good speaking terms with the Macho man. At the time he would have been the right guy to Dr but Ted. Db there. She got her hall of fame. Ring April two thousand six. What are you remember by her induction speech? Oh my my favorite part about Sheri's induction speeches when she started cutting pro on Eric Bischoff and she talks about going. Wcw W BISCHOFF fire. If I ever see that little weasel I'll do this. I'll do that. Bischoff was in the audience and Eric stood up as I hear. Is She look? She did not know he was in the audience in the genuine shriek from Sherry. Like cheech is cut another promo on him. It was at. Aw It was so fucking enjoyable. I think it was Detroit but Ga Damn it was hilarious. Because he's just it was real. It was real that was the passion and we got exactly what you would have expected out of Sherri Martel Cessation Sherry that night with with that acceptance speech in. You know it really Made you realize how much you Mr later that year she worked for. Tna taping a backstage of and yet trying to offer her managerial services to the free agent. Bobby Rude but aired on September twenty first two thousand six and this was unfortunately her last televised wrestling appearance on June fifteenth. Two Thousand Seven Sherry passed away at her mother's house in mcallen Alabama. She was only forty nine years old. Toxicology report say that she passed away from multiple drugs in her system including extremely high amount of walk. Sokoto Gone Way too soon bruce. What was your reaction when he heard the news that we'd lost Sherri Martel. I cried like a girl man of the people that you had the privilege of knowing in this business in and know as well as I knew sharing being able to travel up and down the road with her work with her intimately That was she was special. She was just really special and being in the car with somebody for long hours working with him every single lie and you get to know instinctively. What what. They're going to say what they're going to do. Yeah I just cried I. It was just so sad because too young too soon and there was you know there was thought of. There's always thought of who could who could help you know Who could hell revitalize and and actually help a women's division and bring it into the entertainment realm that that we wanted and but also understood both ends of entertainment and the sports part of it and working part of it? That was Sherry. So Vince always had a soft spot for sharing. Martel and felt that she was extraordinarily talented and wonderful. Human being all of which she was and Shaq Shaq in she was gone too soon. She hid opened up a beauty parlor. I believe and that was her. Other Love was she won't have a salon and beauty parlor and she had realized that she was doing that but just gone way too soon. And what a waste. It's worth mentioning. Mckell. Alabama is between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. A very very I mean very small part of Alabama. But he never I mean I never knew much about series real life personal life and I'm sure we'll talk about that but before we do want to mention it was in the observer about a month prior are passing away but the wwe was in talks to bring her back. It was at least an idea floated to bring her back to be the first female agent to work with the women to be more believable and more expressive both inside the ring and ringside. Do you remember hearing rumors of that and two thousand seven. I ended the Raleigh Room because we always just thinking of it. We're always thinking of her and trying to utilize your skills so that that was that was constantly constantly talked about. What do you think her legacy and wrestling is going to be? I mean Willoughby as an entering performer as a manager. I think it's going to be both. I think that she will go. Down is probably one of the most versatile women performers Fuck women performers. She'll she'll go down as one of the most versatile performers in the business just memorable and could deliver every time. Let Sal Scotto twitter..

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