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The court in my view Thank you Thank you mister president All right you've been listening to President Biden wrapping up there at The White House talking about a lot and lucky for us we've got our own Bloomberg sound on host Joe Matthew covering all things from Washington including the president and those comments from our 99 one studio in D.C. Let's get to it What jumped out for you Well look this was supposed to be an event about the budget We talked about unrealized gains all day again Knowing that everyone had one thing they wanted to talk about and the minute he turned it over to questions They wanted to hear about Chris Rock and Will Smith That's correct He's kidding Finally to the Oscars They told us about halfway through the morning Hey he's going to take questions Which normally they don't say So they're going out of their way to do that and he walks in with a list like he did This was all choreographed in advance They didn't think the walk back I guess was strong enough over the weekend But how about it Joe Biden just told the world I'm not walking anything back And that by the way that could be well kind of The thing is yes he says I was expressing my outrage he shouldn't be able to remain in power but that doesn't mean the United States is on their way to take him out He says he was talking to the Russian people There were a lot of clarifying comments from that Absolutely Sure but I mean look he's called him a pariah He's called him a butcher It's called him a war criminal all in the last week Do you think that any of those three would equate to someone who deserves to run their own country So technically the president really didn't say anything new on Saturday night It's just the way he said it that got everyone freaked out Well speaking of freaked out it sounds like NATO allies and folks over in Europe are pretty freaked out But I do wonder is President Biden may be the fall guy for being tougher in this situation because it's easier for the U.S. to do so than European leaders Well look you're sounding a little more like some of those who think he said this on purpose that he planned to say it as opposed to ad libbing it It brings us back to the tear down this wall speech and I remember speaking with Ed Rollins Ronald Reagan's political adviser at the time was said it was in the speech the State Department wanted it out It was removed from the speech because it would be too incendiary for him to say that Ronald Reagan told Ed Rollins in the car I'm putting it back in And without it being in the script he set it up there of course And it became one of the most famous presidential speeches of all time I'm not suggesting that this will be but sometimes presidents like to give a little jab in the ribs when they're up there Yeah How do they comments like this and then also the focus on comments like this here in the U.S. how does that play internationally How does it potentially play in Russia Not great look As far as Russia goes that is kind of its own thing And if the president says he was speaking directly to the Russian people well I guess we'd have to ask them how they feel about this But we know that there was concern in Europe even Emmanuel Macron even said out loud This stuff by the way the butcher comment too does not help us when we sit down to talk about a ceasefire But on the other side of that coin are we sitting down with war criminals and should they be trusted in negotiations There are no answers to these questions So I can't help but feel too that the president was shaped by the last few days that he spent over in Europe How could it not be Well and he said that too you know he was like he's an emotional guy Drop him in the middle of a refugee camp for the day And have him look at the images that we're seeing coming out of the cities in Ukraine And yes absolutely It's actually almost amazing to me that he didn't say more than that I'll never forget when he came to Boston on the anniversary of the marathon Yelling out loud You own the finish like he likes doing that although it's interesting he whispered twice today He likes doing that too It's quite a range in this He does like the supreme right He really does for emphasis Strangely Then we all start whispering and say why are we whispering We do that on air 'cause it's attention It's true Well let's think big picture here We're more than a month into this conflict It's hard to believe that Russia's invasion of Ukraine happened more than a month ago It really is As the president wrapped up his European trip a lot of the focus of course has been on the comments the 9 words And of course we saw that from the press corps today But what else do we need to be watching in terms of progress here Well I think getting some of the aid that has you know we just went through an enormous amount of exercise here trying to get money and materials to Ukraine We need to get it through the pipe now There's a lot of stuff between the U.S. between Europe and Ukraine that needs to be delivered and it will probably go a long way to helping Ukraine kind of figure out where it's going here and whether this is in fact going to be a long-term standoff because this is incredibly deadly what's going on right now They did double down on their ask for fighter jets Maybe that's something that gets loosened up although The Pentagon doesn't seem to think so The Russians.

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