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You know that was a that was a great summer. Those guys were very unique and it was great to watch him. Go on and help reg, do some. Great things and win the world series. What was it like as manager? The Cincinnati reds come to the ballpark every day and knowing you could write somebody like Sean Casey into the lineup. One of my favorites yeah. It was great. You know the toughest part. Probably. There was nothing about it I. Guess It was you know Bob who like I really had a lot of respect for is the one that that about doing was one that was fired when they brought me up as the interim at first, and we still had Aaron on the team, and just the way that Aaron handle it was you know it's something that I think about whenever you know when you brought up his name? That's the first thing he doesn't mind. It could have been you know could have been an awkward situation you know. We ended up trading them to the Yankees as a matter of fact and. I think that's the area that they. Run the beat the Red Sox gave a different. Governors. Out there you quick story whenever I would give him a day off? You know. He'd never shut up in the dugout and I'm like. I tell Jelly and and. You know mark various gadgets like this guy killing here. Anymore so in the National League on the double switches, so it'd be about the fifth or sixth anything like my kitchen change case gets you. Whatever and goes. Miles at that had the day off I. See man. Not Anymore okay. Out Danny Graves. That's That's beautiful. Hey, it is so great to hear voice I. I got such a big kick last night out of you text in the middle of the interview with. Rick, Green and It's it's good. We could hook up but I'm glad you're you're doing well and stay safe and opening. We can talk again soon all right. Pleasure you know, you can get a hold of me anytime. Buddy and hopefully we'll get through all this next time. Withdraw Cow, sit in the I'll be governed w and then sitting in the booth. Hey, that is a deal. Hey, thanks! They'd take care all right there. You Go Dave Miley. He's one of my favorites. Yeah, right in the middle of our interview last night with Rick Green. and Rick was talking about Dave and it was Dave who so I'm an recommended the red sign even and was pitching well at triple eight eight year in got the call and rick spoke glowingly of of Dave Dave sends me texts. Hey, say hi to him before he's he's done. Done still ahead, we'll talk. After the bottom of our. There is a new movie debuts here at a local drive in it Amelia on Friday it goes Friday Saturday Sunday. We will talk with one of the stars of that movie we. We talked with a Sycamore High School player. Who's in the movie last night tonight? We're GONNA talk with Matthew Modine. WHO HIS ROLE IN VISION? Question Nineteen Eighty Five I love that movie Big Fan of Matthew Modine will ask him about the movie chance and get caught up on some headlines as well as We get up and running six nineteen. Thanks for being here. It's Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Six, twenty seven seven hundred wwl wrol. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet Lands, mcallister. Thanks for being here tonight. If you were here last night if you missed the rick, green, that's available in podcast form. Rick Green was a first round pick in the nineteen ninety-two drafted the Tigers taking sixteenth overall wound up in the red system, and in ninety nine was pitching well, and he got called up to the big leagues and he pitched. Pitched in one game in relief, five and two thirds innings three runs, and he was never heard from again. They rights had to send him back with the roster move. He never made it back to the big leagues and I asked him last night about making it to the big leagues pitching well in his one and only appearance, and then never getting another chance, the fact of getting to the to the big leagues far outweighed. Fact that I didn't have a long illustrious ten. Fully vested career. That's that's the bottom line Would I've liked to have ten years in the Big League? I would have liked to have a half a season in the big league, but when you look back at the fact that I'm only one of nineteen thousand, plus that have ever lived young boys, Dream, and played a sport like a game for my profession, and and made unbelievable friendships, and traveled the world to Cuba and Spain and Canada and just done a lot of. Of things that a lot of people have done I lived two or three life times already at forty nine years old, or even when I retired at thirty one that most people just don't get to do so talk about being extremely blessed and very very fortunate Lucky and proud and and just just a happy I was able to get there. Even for one game Rick Green last night on Sports Talk May, and now that was a that was good stuff last night. Easier Classic Cup of Coffee Story a guy who gets what opportunity then that's it but consider hundred and fifty plus years of baseball. Less than twenty thousand players have had a chance to play a major league game. He did it. He pitched well and the the perspective. Really really cool up next a tomorrow. Night is premier. The movie chance at Amelia. Amelia starlight drive in. It's a story. It's got a local story attached to it and we'll talk with Matthew Modine about that. He plays a youth baseball coach in the movie will tell you about the showings how you can get involved with it. As we continue gotta check news bodily are Arndale carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. Six thirty eight seven hundred wwl W this sportstalk Arnelle carriers stock presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet I'm Lance McAlister tomorrow night. Is that Premiere of the movie? CHANCE AT AMELIA STARLIGHT drive in! It's a locally produced and film movie about. And teenage relationships and the effects of teen suicide. It's based on the true story of Chance Smith, who played for Flash Baseball in Brown county. The film was to open in thirty nine theaters in April, but the pandemic forced a change in plans showtime tomorrow night. Saturday and Sunday is eight forty five. Our next guest stars as the Youth Baseball Coach in the film. He's played roles in full metal jacket. Stranger things weeds Birdie any given Sunday. Sunday I'm a huge fan of his nineteen eighty-five movie vision quest and his role as high school wrestler Louden Swain. It is an honor to welcome in Matthew. Modine Matthew Lance McAlister. Welcome to sportstalk. Thank you so much for having me on a pleasure to be here. How did you become involved in a project like this well my daily, who runs that Flash Baseball? His wife is really good taste and she suggested that he hire me moving. And I read the script, and and it was just so terrific I love baseball, and and so really that's all they had to say. In the first couple of pages was that that it was about baseball and I was I was pretty much in could check give me an opportunity to put put on baseball uniform and go and spend some great quality time with with young athletes who who always teach me about like. It is a boy. It's A. It's a powerful story powerful message, isn't.

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