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Monday right back Monday so in the meantime. You just stuck with us our Guy Bucky Brooks whose he's actually high school football coach, former NFL player, outstanding analysts for the NFL network and part of the move. The sticks podcast which I was listening to this morning driving in he'll join us at half past the hour. We'll get his take on the PAT mahomes contract, and on Cam Newton and what we can expect from the former NFL MVP. The New England patriots that upcoming half past the hour. Rob Parker, you can hear. On? The odd couple, which is seven o'clock eastern four o'clock Pacific here on Fox portrayed of your iheartradio APP. You can also download the inside the Parker podcast, which is all baseball all the time and you can read his work in deadspin in which he wrote that Pat. mahomes missed a golden opportunity to get a fully guaranteed contract something we debated, and we'll talk with bucky brooks upcoming but Robbo. Biggest story of the day and that's that yesterday. The Big ten took the lead. And They decided to announce that they were not are are not excuse me going to play go going to play non conference games if they have an upcoming two thousand and twenty college football season. Here's the new commissioner of the big ten Kevin Warn. This decision would allow us to do the right thing by student. Athletes Keep them at the forefront of all of our decisions and make sure we create an environment to give us the best chance to play and one thing. We have to realize that this is not a complete that we're GONNA. Have Sports in fall. Sports! Hall, we may not have a college football season big ten. What's your reaction to his announcement? Well I mean it's. This is such a fluid situation I. Don't think anybody really knows Doug. What's going to happen? Come September, and whether they'll be a college football season. The virus will it be vaccine will something I've how bad it's going to be. So I think that they're going about it trying to figure out a way. To somehow salvage of football season somehow get players. On the football field so that they can get their broadcast money, and and all the other stuff that comes with it, even if they have to go without fans, and at one point, they were told them I..

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