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Several strategists say the recent explosion of speculative buying will not derail the bull market in equities. Brian Levin, Invesco Capital Market strategist, tells Bloomberg. Please remember the red it moves we have seen are not typical. I just remind investors not to complete it with what's going on in the broader market. I think there's a sense from investors when they see those types of moves. That none of this makes sense that all of it is too euphoric that it's all too frothy. And that's not the case in large parts of the market. Let's look where we are Now the S and P is up a half percent of 20. The Dow's up 4/10 of a percent of 114. The NASDAQ 7 8/10 of a percent of 107 10 year is down to 30 seconds with a yield of 1.7% West Texas Intermediate crude is up one half of 1% of 50 to 46 a barrel comics gold is up there. 9/10 of a percent 18 67 50 announced the dollar yen one of 4 95 the euros a dollar 2094 on the British found a dollar 36 76. Silver As you've been hearing broke about, $30 announces the precious metal took center stage in the retail investor frenzy right now. Silvers at 29 35 Announce of 8.8%. That is a Bloomberg business Flash. Bloomberg markets is underway now Bonnie Quinn and Paul Sweetie No, thanks to you, Greg Jeras. Well, a lot going on in markets this week. A lot of tension coming into the market at the beginning of the week, But we are seeing equity indices, rally and obviously big tech earnings And so on this week, too, But Dave Wilson joins.

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