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U. P. listen twenty eighteen so now they're looking for a back up with Lamar Miller they're still in the backfield look at Major League Baseball going all right now since they leave that Lana one to nothing Dodgers and Padres later on tonight Yankees and red Sox again as well David price will be going tonight for Boston Chris sells roughed up my kill I don't know if you know this but nine ninety ERA for Chris still against the Yankees this I'll take it I'm a Yankees fan off Chris sale usually has a really good first half of the season and really terrible back as of the season because he's a small guy but this season been horrible since he's on the contract been bad bad bad bad real quick those the Harmon yeah I also for you yeah because our our our producer G. just walked in and get right to holiday stats basketball reference drew holiday is a one time all star thank you I know UCLA guy I know these things about UCLA ho ho ho ho ho ho ho yeah yeah with the Philadelphia seven as as a matter you still at all state that he made and also some talking about yeah how many view basically what happened was playing with Anthony Davis not only all I got out of it what it was see what happens how many years how many times is Anthony Davis actually played with a teammate that made the although I don't because he hogs the ball the number he's a center he's the point guard shooting guard is another words through holiday was all star until he got with anti Davis okay guys let me close this out real quick Milwaukee got a home run from Christian yell it she's got thirty seven down this season cubbies in brewers are tied at one apiece back to all the phones department my killing just ten seconds but first a word from farmers that farmers insurance we know roof can withstand a lot one exception being an airborne car scene it covered it talk to farmers we are partners hundred my farmers for for insurance exchange that affiliates parts on available in every state suck the all star out of them that's what this should take all the all all the all right or do a holiday although he's going to get it back the new pelicans team and I like that I can see that's going to be an interesting team hi David thank you very much.

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